Obama celebrates Halloween at the White House

barack-obama-donne-bonbons-petitPresident Barack Obama and his wife Michelle welcomed Friday several thousand people for the annual reception of Halloween in the White House, distributing candies to kids in costumes adorned the gardens of traditional orange and black colors.

Acrobats, trapeze artists and jugglers entertained the approximately 4200 children of military families and local schools invited with their parents.

Dressed as firemen, princesses or superheroes, children were offered sweets and gifts for the presidential couple.

A little boy dressed as the Pope drew attention to Barack Obama, who was wearing a brown sweater. His wife Michelle, wearing canvas tennis, was not disguised as coming from a previous edition of this annual reception.

With lots of pumpkins, orange and black ribbons evil puppets and some perched on stilts, the designers wanted to give the famous residence on the appearance of “enchanted forest”.

Decor was particularly noticed: La Catrina, a popular character celebrated on the feast of the dead in Mexico and who was making his first appearance at the Halloween party in the White House.

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