Obvious security flaws, according to a professor

fall-pas-ete-surprisThe sad events that struck Brussels helped to draw up a report: how to neutralize the radical terrorism should be reviewed. It is believed that Khadiyatoulah Fall, holder of the Chair of Education and interethnic and intercultural research at UQAC.

“Since the terrorist attacks in Paris, we saw a large police presence, armed to the teeth, observed the Senegalese teacher. We felt an incredible strike force in Belgium, but in the end, we realize that there have been attacks. It means that our strategies of struggle and terrorism watch have flaws. Beyond demonstrating the security forces, must be something else. It takes an extremely tight undercover work of these groups. If there is no collaboration from within, I feel it will always be too late. ”

In addition, the places targeted by terrorists have nothing to chance for the Senegalese teacher. Tuesday, two explosions were heard at Zaventem airport, followed by another at the metro station Malbeek, in the district of the European institutions.

“The airports and subways, these are places where the Belgians are, but also people of other nationalities, highlighted Mr. Fall. It is in the radical terrorist dissemination strategy. They want to hit in a limited space and give at the same time feel that they are touching everyone. It is a way of radiation and the Islamic State of jihadist terrorism. ”

Khadiyatoulah Fall is also expected that the radicals do not slow down the violence.

“In Syria and Iraq, the Islamic State is losing ground, he argued. So I have the impression that they are more active elsewhere, such as is currently the case in Africa and as was the case in France in November. ”

Predictable retaliation

The arrest last Friday of the man who was described as the most wanted terrorist in Europe, Salah Abdeslam, foreshadowed regrettable actions like those that occurred in Belgium, on Tuesday morning, believes Khadiyatoulah Fall. The teacher reported that in his eyes, Abdeslam was seen as a traitor by the Islamic State (EI) since the attacks of 13 November 2015 in Paris.

“It was supposed to blow himself and he did not, said the Senegalese teacher. It therefore failed in its task, it is deflated. From that moment, he had become an enemy and a traitor to the IU. ”

At the time of his arrest, Salah Abdeslam have cooperated with authorities. Another element that led the terrorists to act quickly, says Khadiyatoulah Fall.

“Since he was arrested, I feel like we went to retaliation, he added. This caused that his accomplices were told they were cooked. So they decided to take action by saying they had nothing to lose. They decided to take action and to sow hell with these suicide bombers. ”

In connection with the bombings Brussels, Saguenay has the flags of the town hall at half-mast until Thursday.

Address new communication mechanisms

(Jonathan Hudon) – It is not only with guns and a demonstration of the force that can counter the radical terrorists.

Khadiyatoulah Fall indicates that adjustments need to be made so that the fight radicalism succeed. “Security in France and Belgium, you can feel it, but it seems to be reassured people by telling them that everything is searched and the military are everywhere, he said. However, there is another level that allows us to be at the center of jihadist networks. Do we developed this expertise? For me, this is the weak point. ”

Mr. Fall added that it is time to stop attack only to mosques and different websites to track potential perpetrators of terrorist acts. The new radicalization languages ​​are heard in other places, he said.

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