Offensive of the IGA chain to reduce prices

1168883Estrie is not immune to the wave of reduction of the IGA chain of products announced by the giant Sobeys for its Quebec stores.

The company, in collaboration with its suppliers and independent dealers in the Estrie region has downgraded and permanently the price of more than 8500 grocery items with an average decrease of 5 to 7% .

The retailer provides to be able to keep the same quality and variety than ever before in its IGA and IGA extra stores.

“The permanent decline in prices is an ambitious project,” says René Couture, merchant owner of IGA Extra Couture Sherbrooke.

“Nothing’s changed DNA IGA and what differentiates us in the market remains unchanged, ie the quality and variety of products and services offered. The only difference you will see the consumer, the price of thousands of products they love. ”

The supply chain emphasizes that consumers can identify which products in stores have benefited from lower prices thanks to adhesive labels showing the price before and after the permanent decline in prices.

“They can for example see for themselves that the fruit cups Compliments Vital Biscuits Leclerc and block cheese Cracker Barrel suffered price declines of 26%, 21% and 19% respectively,” t says -we.

The new permanent price drop initiative will also apply to all stores Rachelle-Bery banners grocery health and Les Marchés Tradition.

This occurs so offensive that has seen a sharp rise in food prices in recent years.

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