Oklahoma: last minute reprieve for a condemned man

richard-glossipUS court granted a stay of two weeks to a condemned man was to be executed Wednesday after a strong mobilization of its many supporters convinced of his innocence.

Richard Glossip, a white man of 52, was scheduled for lethal injection at 15 pm (16 pm in Montreal), but the execution is postponed to September 30, said the Court of Criminal Appeal of the State of Oklahoma .

The judges explained their decision to grant this delay to “ensure a fair review” of new appeals filed by the defense Glossip, who maintains his innocence for 18 years.

The Governor of Oklahoma, rural and conservative state, had it, refused to grant a stay of Richard Glossip last, despite an extensive campaign in favor of bringing together personalities such as actress Susan Sarandon or billionaire Richard Branson.

The lawyers of the condemned man denounce the shortcomings of its judicial record and claim that new evidence should be sufficient to reverse the verdict.

The man was convicted in 1997 of ordering the murder of the owner of a motel which he managed. He allegedly recruited a 19-year-old Justin Sneed, who had confessed to the killing.

Supporters of Richard Glossip denounce the fact that his conviction was based on the sole testimony of Justin Sneed that by pleading guilty and involving Glossip, was able to avoid the death sentence for himself and negotiated a life sentence .

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