An old baffle neighbors escalates in home robbery

1175027Drunkenness is a bad counselor, three individuals certainly regret their decision to have followed their instinct for revenge when they meet before the judge for a home robbery case.

Two men and a woman came to the home of their neighbor to 9:15 p.m. Thursday night at 215 King Street East.

“It’s an old baffle neighbors escalated. Three suspects were presented with their neighbor armed with a stick, “says the spokesman of the Police Service of Sherbrooke, Philippe Dubois.

Inside the house, they would rampage in addition to bludgeon with sticks to the tenant. The latter suffered minor injuries.

The police arrived on the spot to end hostilities.

Two men aged 25 and 51 as well as a 35 year old woman were arrested.

The two men remained detained. They should be accused of introducing break-in, assault and mischief. The older of the two accused will also answer a charge of threats to the police.

The woman involved in the case was released on promises to appear at a later date.

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