Older victims of abuse: break the silence

policier-guy-rousseau-rencontre-quelques(Granby) Seniors are sometimes vulnerable and likely to be abused like this lady from Sherbrooke who would be made extract over $ 70,000 by his grand-son. In Granby, police are investigating every year on this type of stories, which probably represent the tip of the iceberg.

In collaboration with FADOQ, Guy Rousseau police officer meets a few times each year of the elderly in the Elder-Aware program, which aims to raise awareness of fraud and abuse. Video capsules variety of topics presented to them in the presence of a police officer, followed by discussions.

“They often tend to think that people who are coming defraud, steal, it’s someone they do not know at all. Without going into paranoia, they are told to be open to what is happening around them, says the agent of the police service in Granby. They are told to be alert and not be afraid to denounce these situations before it travel to high amounts, like the lady in Sherbrooke. ”

The police warn that if relatives are struggling with alcohol or drug abuse problem, or have psychiatric or behavioral problems, they may sometimes need money, says Rousseau.

After these meetings, it is not uncommon that some people recognize themselves in scenarios or they suspect that a member of their family being abused.

“The basis of all this is to break the silence. It’s the same principle as bullying. That is to say no to a situation that is unacceptable and finding the courage to report the situation and we will be able to help these people, “says Guy Rousseau.

The tip of the iceberg

The police also investigate Granby each year on fraud cases and abuse of older people who have been extracting money from a relative, without whether are as high as in the history of Sherbrooke. “I’m not prepared to say that it happens often, but these are issues to be treated and often it is the tip of the iceberg,” says Rousseau.

The phenomenon is complex because it involves family members, says Rousseau agent. “When it comes to his little son, there is embarrassment, shame.”

The police remind that victims of abuse can contact or get information FADOQ, the AQDR or with stakeholders in the health field. They can also talk with a speaker from the help line at 1-888-489-2287 elder abuse.

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