Olympian calm Elijah Berube

-ans-elie-berubeThe defender Elijah Berube 20 years is part of the back who got more than their share of ice time since the start of the series against the Screaming Eagles. Used in all situations, the veteran has shown calm.

“When you are quiet, things are going well. If you start too much stress, that’s when you make bad games or take bad decisions, “emphasized Bérubé which displays a collection of three assists in four games.

With his partner Louis-Philippe Simard and Frederic Allard and Jeremy Groleau Elie Berube completed a quartet that has seen a lot of ice, especially in the two games at the Georges-Vezina Centre in the absence of Julien Carignan, suspended .

“When you’re 20, you have to approach every game as if it were the last. You never know when the series may end. We want it to end on a good note. On the other side also, there are few defenders who play a lot of minutes. It will not be a factor in the outcome of the series. Just be ready, stay hydrated and rest between each meeting, “telling the defender involved in the trade that sent another player 20 years Gabryel Boudreau in Gatineau.

For Elijah Berube, the Sags are in a good position with a 2-2 tie in the series. “If we had been asked before the series, in my opinion, everyone would have taken that. It’s made a 2 of 3 to the last matches and there we will continue to go one game at a time starting with focus on the one who is coming, to estimate the native of Bas-Saint-Laurent. The pressure is on them. They went looking for big players to holidays. We have a young team and the guys are getting used more and more to the rhythm of the series. They now know what it is. ”

Thursday morning, the head coach Yanick Jean has also once again hit the nail on the pressure on the Screaming Eagles. The Sags could add one more layer of Friday before the last two games in Sydney. “Over the series are extended, the more it becomes difficult for teams to win,” he recalled, also comfortable with a tie in the series.

His counterpart Marc-Andre Dumont remained quiet for its part, despite the high importance of the fifth confrontation. “What is important is to focus only on this meeting, without looking before this can occur if a particular case happens. We are not in the hypothetical, but in the real and the real is the present moment, “recalled Dumont also very satisfied with the game of his troop in general with a marked improvement in discipline and game physical.

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