Omar Khadr wants to be able to visit his family in Toronto

omar-khadrThe former inmate of the Guantanamo bay Omar Khadr’s application to a canadian court to relax his bail conditions to allow him to travel to Toronto to visit her family, has learned The Canadian Press.

Among other things, Omar Khadr wants to also move away from his electronic bracelet monitoring, arguing that it is intrusive and a source of embarrassment, and requested that his curfew be relaxed.

In an affidavit, Mr. Khadr claims that his discharge and his reinstatement in the community went very well, and that he had no previous difficulties with the authorities.

An alberta judge has granted bail to the former inmate’s canadian Guantanamo, on 7 may, pending his appeal to the United States for his conviction in 2010 for war crimes – including the murder of an american soldier of the special forces – by a military commission in the widely discredited.

Omar Khadr was transferred to Canada in 2012 and remained imprisoned until this decision that enabled him to experience a certain amount of freedom for the first time since his capture in Afghanistan in July 2002 when he was 15 years old.

However, the bail was granted with strict conditions, including that of living with his lawyer Dennis Edney to Edmonton and not to leave the Alberta – except to go to the secondary residence of Me Edney in British Columbia.

He was also required to communicate with his family, some of whose members have expressed opinions favourable to the terrorist network Al-Qaeda in the past – only in English and under the supervision of Me Edney.

“I am now an adult and I have my own thoughts”, said in the document of Omar Khadr, now 29 years old.

“Even if members of my family wanted to influence my religious views or other, they would not be able to influence me or control me in any negative way”, he adds.

The maternal grandparents of Omar Khadr, live in Toronto. The ex-detainee of Guantanamo argued that his grandmother is ill and that his grand-father speaks very little English. Therefore, he wishes to be able to visit them and speak with them in another language, without the presence of Me Edney.

It was unclear in the immediate future, the government’s response to the request of Omar Khadr before the Court of Queen’s bench of Alberta, which is scheduled to hear the case on 11 September in Edmonton.

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