On a campus, “no yes means no”

veronique-grenier(Montreal) Sixteen universities in the province, including UdeS and Bishop’s, unite to combat violence against sexual nature. The awareness campaign “No yes, it’s not” was launched on Monday in Montreal.

“There are one or two years, it is almost not heard about,” says Véronique Grenier, professor at Cégep de Sherbrooke and co-spokesperson of the campaign, which sees a “positive sign” for finally given attention to subject.

The philosophy professor, author and blogger is co-spokesperson alongside Koriass rapper who is not afraid to appear openly as a feminist. The latter sees this campaign a “starting point” to “initiate a required change in culture.”

Studies show that on American campuses, between 15 and 25 percent of students will experience sexual assault.

In Quebec, a study is underway to document the situation on the campus of the province; Geneviève Paquette professor UdeS is part of the researchers working on this extensive investigation.

Little is known yet about the subject.

A delegation of UdeS took part in the press conference Monday morning in Montreal, including rerésentants of the Student Federation of the UdeS and REMDUS. The campaign brings together 19 student associations, nearly 185,000 students.

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