One group wants the Confederate flag is banned in Canada

groupe-lance-petition-appelle-interdictionA group of residents of Nova Scotia called on all levels of government to take measures to prohibit the use or deployment across Canada of the Confederate flag symbol of the civil war in the United States.

Citizens of Nova Scotia against white supremacism argued at an event on Wednesday that the public deployment of Confederate flag should be considered a hate crime.

The group has launched a petition calling for a ban by the government of deployment of the flag.

The social activist and organizer of the event rights, Lynn Jones, said he was shocked to see a confederate flag painted on a truck recently in his hometown of Truro.

The group agreed that it would be difficult to get a ban across the country, but added that the gathering on Wednesday also aimed to inform the public about the racist symbolism of the flag.

The activist and history professor at Dalhousie University Isaac Saney said he believed it was important for people to understand the history behind the flag, waved by Confederate troops on the ground during the American Civil War.

“The flag is not just a symbol, it has had a major impact on society,” said Mr. Saney at the rally, saying it was brandished by supporters of slavery.

“It is a universal symbol of racism. This is no doubt, and I think there is no place for hate symbols for symbols of white supremacism in Canada, “he continued.

The death of nine black parishioners in a church in South Carolina last month fueled the debate in the US over the Confederate flag, bringing lawmakers to vote for the government withdraw lots.

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