Operation Miracle MUHC

prochains-jours-petit-jolan-poursuivraHe was to be born today. But the little Jolan Lemieux chose instead to point the tip of his nose in August. Besides being premature, the baby was born with a particular brain tumor. With a rare and delicate operation, the pediatric neurosurgeon Jean-Pierre Farmer, the Montreal Children’s Hospital, managed to remove the mass. The small Jolan, who currently stays in the hospital, is doing very well.

“We thought the lose. Jolan is a miracle, “says his mother, Audrey-Ann Bouffard.

Pregnancy Ms. Bouffard went off without a hitch true. But on August 21, it loses liquids and decides to run to the hospital near her home in Lévis. “I was made an ultrasound and saw that the baby hardly moved. It was also noted that he had a gray spot in the brain, “she recounts.

A gray spot

In emergency cesarean section is performed at 18h that day. At birth, Jolan weighs 6 pounds. “He spent barely two minutes in my arms. Then the nurse left with him, “said the father, Vincent Lemieux.

An ultrasound is done on the head of Jolan. Again we see the stain. It is believed at this time that he made a stroke (CVA). “We were moved to CHUL [Hospital of Laval University] in Quebec,” said Mr. Lemieux.

During the night, various tests are performed on Jolan. Some results are sent to the team of Dr. Farmer, the Montreal Children’s Hospital, recognized as a leading expert in neurosurgery. Upon seeing the results, the specialist makes the diagnosis: Jolan has a congenital brain tumor. It must be operated.

“I immediately forwarded the data to a colleague at the Montreal Neurological Institute, Dr. Donatella Tampieri, which helped me in anticipation of the operation. This was a very rare tumor, “said Dr. Farmer.

Operated in Montreal

The next morning, the little Jolan is flown in Montreal. His parents follow the car. “We did not have much information at this time. We were worried. We thought losing the baby. Or live with a severely disabled child, “recalls Mr. Lemieux.

At the Montreal Children’s Hospital, other tests are performed. Then, it was announced to parents that Jolan must be operated to the brain. “Until then, everything went very quickly. Everyone was assisting us, but everything that was happening we exceeded. When we got here it was finally fixed. And really took the time to accompany us in there, “said Mr. Lemieux, met last Friday at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

Jolan was operated on August 26. The tumor was removed was 6 centimeters long. In the entire history of the hospital, only one such thirty tumors were identified.

“This kind of tumor, it’s scary. The challenge is all the greater that the operation involved a premature baby. The risks were greatest, “said Dr. Farmer. Jolan could among other hemorrhage, which would have threatened his life.

A success story

For Dr. Farmer, the story of little Jolan demonstrates the relevance and effectiveness of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC). In recent weeks, the many failures of the new hospital, located on the grounds of the Glen station, have made headlines. “But it ignores all the feats that are here every day. It must be said, “said Dr Farmer.

This indicates that although the MUHC, which includes the Montreal Children’s Hospital, is located in the metropolis, patients from across Quebec can benefit from his expertise. “Jolan just Lévis. It offers advanced care, serving the people of the entire province. We can be proud of, “said Dr. Farmer.

In the coming days, the small Jolan continue his convalescence at the CHUL of Québec. “But we continue to monitor it remotely, and, for a long time,” notes Dr. Farmer.

For Jolan parents, even if the development of their baby will have to be closely followed, the worst is over. “Jolan is very small. But has passed through many more things that we have, “says his mother, who is eager to return to Lévis to take care of his eldest daughter, aged just 21 months.

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