Option nationale invests Block

chef-bloquiste-gilles-duceppe-adresseOver a quarter of invested Bloc candidates for the elections of 19 October are from Option nationale, a proportion that does not worry Gilles Duceppe.

Although their provincial party received 0.73% of votes in 2014, these hurry sovereignists are unlikely to scare the soft nationalists that the Bloc Quebecois wants to take the NDP and the Conservatives, according to the spokesman of the new leader.

A total of 11 candidates from 41 Bloc candidates have already signed or publicly displayed as candidates militants Option nationale (ON), according to a statement made ​​by La Presse. Even the number 2 young sovereignist party, the president of the “National Council”, is on the Bloc ranks.

These candidates represent “a force” to federal policy formation, argued Mathieu St-Amand, Communications Gilles Duceppe. “Most are young. They work their land, they work for Quebecers. This is not a weakness. ”

The Bloc, “there are members of the PQ, people of Option nationale, Québec solidaire and even a candidate who comes from the defunct ADQ,” added Mr. St-Amand. “It is a coalition of people for whom this is the first Quebec, Quebec all the time.”

In total, seven Bloc candidates wore the colors of Option nationale in 2014, five in the election of 2012. Michel Boudrias, Bloc candidate in Terrebonne, qualifies rather “founding member” of the party alongside Jean-Martin Aussant, while Philippe Cloutier, candidate in Longueuil Charles-Lemoyne, ran for a nomination Option nationale.

The leader rejoices ON

Sol Zanetti, successor to Jean-Martin Aussant, was delighted to see so many of its militants invest the Bloc Quebecois.

“I think it was done with the ideological shift happened with the arrival of Mario Beaulieu to the Bloc Québécois. When he arrived, he did – and for which the Bloc members elected him – is an even stronger return to the promotion of independence “, analyzed Mr. Zanetti. He said not to have personally led people to ON to rally Bloc team.

According to him, Gilles Duceppe will enjoy the energy and youth of these candidates. Gilles Duceppe 2015 is not the Gilles Duceppe in 2011. “What I see from the back of Gilles Duceppe is that the course was held on the promotion of independence, Mr. Zanetti said. Mr. Duceppe feels in the independence movement in general, for a year, a desire […] to return to a more assumed separatist discourse. And he behind the movement need to go in that direction. ”

Same story on the side of Jocelyn Beaudoin, Bloc candidate in Shefford and number 2 to ON.

“The Bloc Québécois promotes independence, national option too. The PQ with Mr. Péladeau speaks dramatically too, so our discourse does not change ”

has he said in an interview with The Gazette. He was particularly excited about a Leger poll spring placing the support for sovereignty to 42%. “If the Bloc will seek then this segment of the population, the Bloc will have 40 or 50 seats. That is excellent, “said Mr. Beaudoin. “The Bloc Quebecois public is what 42% -la.”

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