Organized crime: towards a resurgence of violence

policiers-cueilli-stefano-sollecito-domicileThe operation yesterday, which beheads organized crime in Montreal and sent behind bars some of its most influential actors, could cause a resurgence of violence in Montreal, fear of sources.

The police picked Stefano Sollecito at his home in Mascouche, yesterday.

It’s been several weeks that we entrust to La Presse that the relative calm since the natural death of Vito Rizzuto there nearly two years could end. Typing yesterday inevitably shake organized crime which is now deprived of figures that the various criminal cells can not see, or that they can not refer.

It will mainly see what the impact of the arrest of Gregory Woolley and his top lieutenants who had managed to bring together the most important members of street gangs under their auspices, and firmly maintain the delicate balance between the different groups Montreal criminals.

The Montreal Mafia in particular saw another period of instability in recent months, as manifested by at least one murder and arson.

Police on the lookout

Reportedly, the mafia clan chiefs do not necessarily share the way to make the new management table mafia whose members do not have the ascendancy sponsor deceased. These chiefs or other individuals might want to fill the void caused by yesterday’s operation. Already, the police warns that it will be on the lookout.

The strike comes as major mafia lieutenants who were sentenced after the operation Coliseum are about to get their statutory release will however certainly subject to stringent conditions.

“This operation has seriously destabilize the actors of organized crime in Montreal, but people who want to take over know that we’re here,” warned immediately deputy director Didier Deramond SPVM, confirming them in the same breath expressed fears by our sources.

“We already have a response plan. We have already targeted people and we monitor closely. “Says Patrick Bélanger, Chief Inspector of the SQ.

Three criminal organizations affected, the Hells Angels could be less disturbed since several members have been released in recent months and some might take over. One wonders how the organization bikers more vigorous will be positioned against a weakened mafia. However, the two organizations go hand in hand for twenty years despite some friction from time to time.

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