Ottawa unveils its plan to host Syrian refugees

collecte-vetements-destines-refugies-syriensOttawa to unveil Tuesday its home plan 25,000 Syrian refugees in the space of a few weeks while trying to reassure a worried population facing such an influx. Follow live this ad on with our chat, from 15:30.

Following an interdepartmental committee, the government should reveal the rate of arrival of refugees, their location and the means implemented.
The campaign promise of the new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrival of 25,000 refugees before the end of the year, however, could be dented.

The Immigration Minister, John McCallum, on Monday confirmed the number but did not mention any specific date after an exchange with the mayors of 19 major cities, including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, which must host the bulk of refugees.

“Our discussion focused on plans to accommodate 25,000 Syrian refugees in Canada, as well as how these Canadian cities can contribute to the success of the resettlement of people who will arrive in the coming weeks,” t- he said.

The eagerness of the government to want to accommodate such a large number of refugees in such a short time was criticized by several personalities after the attacks in Paris. And 54% of Canadians are refractory, according to a survey.

Mr. Trudeau was again attached to allay safety fears Monday by meeting the premiers of the ten provinces.

“Canada has a long tradition of welcoming people from conflict areas and (…) in every corner of this country, people came to build a better life,” he said.

The federal government has made a “comprehensive presentation” particularly “on how security checks are made,” said the Premier of Québec, Philippe Couillard.

Understanding anxiety

“You have to understand the concern of the people, we have seen horrors in the Middle East, we have seen the attacks in Paris, it is normal that it puts concern in people’s hearts. Our responsibility (…) is to respond, “said Philippe Couillard.

The details of the government plan will be presented by the Ministers of Immigration, Health, Defense and Public Security.

One certainty, refugees coming from camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey after being subjected to a strict control of the identity and background of Canadian officials in conjunction with the UN High Commission for Refugees. They must arrive in Canada from December 1, said Monday the Canadian ambassador in Jordan, Bruno Saccomani.

According to Canadian media, the government plans to set up an air bridge for the delivery of 900 Syrian refugees per day from Jordan to Montreal and Toronto.

Upon their arrival, more than half of the refugees will be temporarily housed on Canadian military bases before being distributed into more suitable housing. The military barracks were equipped with bunk beds do not allow a group of families.

The government intends to give priority to families or single women with children among the refugees who have arrived, according to several sources.

“I would not think that this rule is absolute”, however, considered the premier of Quebec, when many voices were heard to ensure that Canada does not exclude homosexuals threatened by death in Syria.

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