Our sports director enters the ring

-lajoie-releverontA challenge was issued. The sports director of La Tribune, Sebastien Lajoie, and co-owner of the restaurant Twist, Hugo Demers, go up in the ring during a demonstration fight. All this as part of a gala presented by the Boxing Club de Sherbrooke Saturday night at 19: 30 pm in its premises Bourque Boulevard.

A challenge was issued and Sebastien Demers Hugo Lajoie face in the ring, confirmed the president of the Club, Franklin Dorey. This is a new section added to the gala. This will be a first for us. We have never done this in the past. We are very proud to give them the opportunity to live this experience. ”

“During a challenging fight, there was never a winner, says Marcel Toulouse, former president of the Club. The referee is there to temper the duel and coaches prepare their boxer for a demonstration, not a fight. Sebastien Demers Hugo Lajoie and wear a helmet and gloves of a certain size, making it the safest and least painful thing for both participants, but the intensity may still go up a notch. ”

It is with nervousness strand Sebastien Lajoie will don the gloves Saturday.

“It’s still several years I train in boxing, first in Montreal and then in Sherbrooke, he said. I wanted to push this experience to another level. It will also be a wonderful opportunity for the journalist in me to live a sporting competition of the same angle of the athlete, with all that it has to manage, stress, training, fighting in public. I’m nervous, but now, stepping into the ring on Saturday against my friend Hugo Demers, it will be a big win. ”

26 years old, Hugo Demers is not afraid to confront an older boxer than twenty years, so with more experience.

“I learned that fighting Sebastien Lajoie and Charles Bilodeau was canceled because of the injury to Charles I believe, so I accepted the challenge, says Hugo Demers. sometimes we train together and it should give a good fight even if I do not have much experience. I like to train and now I will put my knowledge into practice. Although it is older, I will not leave it to chance. The main purpose is to meet the challenge of getting on a ring! ”

“The winner will face Justin Trudeau! “Joked Marcel Toulouse.

Naomie Pelletier in action

About fifteen fights will be presented during the evening, some involving children and adolescents.

Naomie Pelletier Canadian champion will also be part of the main board. The final fight will involve the Silver Gloves champion in 2015 Manuel Pelletier Mayette who will face the experienced Nasser Hussein.

“Naomie will show you all his arsenal that allows him to win in the ring. All athletes who participated in the Canadian Boxing Championship will participate in the gala presented in Sherbrooke. These will be accompanied by the changing of boxers, “says Marcel Toulouse.

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