Overwatch: The Christmas event is confirmed

overwatch-fanart-overwatch-christmas-overwatchAt the approach of the holiday season, there is no doubt that developers Overwatch we prepare a special event.
Released later in the year, Overwatch becoming increasingly popular due to rich gameplay and accessibility to appeal to many types of players. Winning formula combines first-person shooter and multiplayer arena and game Overwatch is also needed with a rich universe and engaging characters. Blizzard wishing to beautify the world of their game , special events are set Place on some occasions
Shortly after the release of Overwatch , the Summer Games had made their entry into and offering a unique game mode – LucioBall – and a range of various skins and special apparatuses corresponding to the sports theme. Similarly, terrifying costume had been created for Halloween , also highlighting another game mode on the map of Eichenwalde .

This is once again on the side of Reddit it will be interested to find the most interesting information. A user of Venxa name had fun putting my nose in the game data to extract some revealing information. A first sample of his way available, a theme reasoning in the Christmas mood, mixing bells and xylophone.

Torjbörn would make an excellent father christmas

The first theories then start pouring on the net and everyone has his own imagination regarding the first coming skins. Torbjörn obviously would make a great Father Christmas while Winston can obviously be imagined Yeti with a gift basket. Projectile Zenyatta would inevitably be replaced with Christmas balls whereas Pharah could enjoy a snow cleaner to send icy projectiles! What would you like skins appear for Christmas?

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