Paramedics cease their pressure tactics

ambulanceThe union representing paramedics Urgences-Santу in Montreal and Laval has decided to discontinue the pressure means deployed for just over a year to raise the government staff shortages and workload of its members.

The union of prehospital affiliated Federation of Health and Human Services (CSN), including union members asked not to charge user fees paramedics who had waited over 15 minutes for an urgent call.

In a statement released Sunday, the union announced that agreement had been reached last Thursday with the employer Urgences-Santé. As part of the arbitration process, the employer agreed to withdraw its complaint against the union in exchange for the interruption of this leverage.

But according to the union president, Réjean Leclerc, nothing is settled. “This is not a final settlement is announced today,” he has qualified.

“The decision means of pressure does not prevail on solving the problem permanently, he said. I predict, though I hope not, it will go to waste – even if it is not using the same means of pressure – if you are not able to stabilize the workload of paramedics to an acceptable level . ”

Last Paramedic employment contract Urgences-Santé expired last March. Negotiations are ongoing between the union and management and the issue of the shortage of ambulance resources will have to be addressed, said Mr. Leclerc.

Some progress would still have been marked during a meeting held last Tuesday with the Ministry of Health and Social Services and Urgences-Santé. The ministry expressed satisfaction would include a report on improving the organization of work of paramedics, said the union.

Mr. Leclerc has also mentioned that he had the impression that the problem of shortage of staff was truly taken seriously and that there was a real will to find solutions.

Among the envisaged measures to address the problem are reduced delays in care for patients in hospitals, putting on an equal alternative transport for the transport of patients between health facilities and review of the order of call prioritization.

The union, which represents 950 paramedics, however, regretted that the Ministry closes the door to the injection of new funds. “It recognizes the problem, it seems to develop ideas and then we are told bluntly that in times of austerity, it will have to do without fresh money,” said Mr. Leclerc.

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