Parc du Bic: a hiker alleging awkward position

vue-parc-bic(Rimouski) 18 A hiker has mobilized some emergency services Rimouski Thursdays after 4:20 p.m. when he ventured at low tide in a steep area of ​​Bic National Park, and has longer able to get out once the high tide, a place overlooking the sea about twenty meters to the nearest safe location.

The gradient consisted of loose rock preventing rescue from above. Firefighters have finally released the young man from his awkward position using a ladder, about two hours after the initial call. They were also equipped with cables.

The hiker, visiting in the area, was not familiar camping sector Rioux. He was not injured, but he was taken as a precaution at the hospital in Rimouski, for a summary examination.

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