Parking fee: MUHC patients complain to the Ombudsman

parc-stationnement-cusm-comprendJudging “exaggerated” parking rates at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), the users’ committee of the institution has filed a complaint with the Public Protector.

MUHC the parking lot, which includes 1582 seats for visitors and for employees in 1267, cost $ 105 million.

Parking super hospital in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce is the most expensive of all hospital parking in the province. Just leave your car for more than 90 minutes to reach the maximum daily rate of $ 25.

“Twenty-five dollars a day to park at the hospital in Montreal, this is not acceptable,” said Pierre Hurteau, member of the users’ committee.

After addressing the complaints commissioner of the MUHC, the users’ committee met with management of the hospital last week. A working group has been created and will focus in particular on adjustments which could be made to the tariff policy.

Patients will be represented, but that does not stop them from continuing their protest. “You can participate with them to discuss concessions, but in the meantime, nothing has changed for the $ 25 price, considering it is exaggerated. We decided to take the next step, “says Hurteau.

“Almost no choice”

A complaint was filed Thursday to the Ombudsman, which is the second instance in the health network. “The ministerial directive [on business activities of hospitals] said we should among others refer to the establishment of the environment to determine the rate, notes Mr. Hurteau. Now it’s cheaper in other hospitals and more, there is almost no possibility to park on street near the MUHC, as there are prohibitions and areas where it takes permits. It is not easy, there is almost no choice. ”

Hospitals are required to finance their own parking, including costs of its construction. MUHC the parking lot, which includes 1582 seats for visitors and for employees in 1267, cost $ 105 million.

The parking lots of old hospitals of the MUHC, including the Montreal General Hospital, the Royal Victoria and the Montreal Children’s Hospital, last year generated a profit of 4.9 million.

More expensive in Montreal

All major Montreal hospitals impose significantly higher costs than the provincial average, which amounts to $ 7.78 per day, according to a compilation made ​​in June by La Presse. It costs $ 23 at the CHUM, $ 20 at Maisonneuve-Rosemont and the Jewish General Hospital, $ 18 at the CHU Sainte-Justine and $ 17.25 at the Heart Institute. Elsewhere in the province, it is the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Québec ($ 16) that visitors pay the most.

Parking Rates MUHC
0-30 minutes: $ 10
31-60 minutes: $ 15
61-90 minutes: $ 20
91 minutes to 24 hours: $ 25
Reduced rates

Oncology patients on dialysis or $ 60 for four weeks
Regular visits: $ 75 for two weeks, $ 110 for 4 weeks
Family pass: $ 60 for one week, $ 85 for two weeks, $ 150 for 4 weeks

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