Partial in Chicoutimi: The PQ Mireille Jean well in control

-obtient-44-intentionsAn overwhelming victory Mireille Jean looks in Chicoutimi. The PQ candidate holds a comfortable lead with 44% of the vote, while his Liberal rival Francyne T. Gobeil, gets 22% support, according to a survey conducted in recent days by the firm.

Liberal candidate has indeed seen his support melt like snow, mainly due to Sam Hamad case. In the first survey conducted at the end of March, a close fight loomed between Mrs Jean and Gobeil, who collected 39% and 33% of voting intentions. Since the liberal lost 11 points and the PQ won in five.

As in the first survey, caquiste Hélène Girard candidate retains third place. With 18% of the vote, his supporters did not move.

Pierre Dostie, Québec solidaire has slightly increased 7% to 9% in the polls. Alex Tyrrell, Green Party and Catherine Bouchard-Tremblay, National Option, get 3% and 2%.

“The chances are now very big for the Parti Quebecois. A few days before the vote, the Jell-O is taken as they say. Unfortunately for Francyne T. Gobeil, she presented to the wrong party. Recent cases involving the Liberals have hurt him, the allegations surrounding Sam Hamad, “advanced Raynald Harvey, president of the polling firm.

Party candidate (s) or leader?

Will voters vote more for the party, the leader or candidate? Nearly 46% of people base their choice on the party, while 41.5% of people watch more personality of the candidate. Mireille and Jean Pierre Dostie are also the two candidates whose personality seems to exert the greatest attraction to voters. The party leader does not seem to influence significantly the vote. This factor is predominant for only 12.2% of respondents. The case of the CAQ demonstrates. François Legault is the most popular leader, but caquiste Hélène Girard came in third in the polls.

The PLQ corrupted by 60% of voters

The Quebec Liberal Party led by Philippe Couillard is corrupt. This is the opinion of 60% of voters in Chicoutimi, according to the latest survey conducted by the firm Segma Research.

Even Liberal supporters believe their temper in political corruption. Among respondents who intend to support the Liberal candidate Francyne T. Gobeil, 28% consider that his party is plagued. Among those for whom the party weighs most heavily in their decision making, 72% answered “yes” to the question “Does the Quebec Liberal Party led by Philippe Couillard is a corrupt party?”.

Nearly 25% of survey respondents believe that the political party is not corrupt and 15.6% of people had no opinion about it.

“This is a very high result. And the name of the Prime Minister was inserted deliberately in the question. He is a member in Roberval and he had a rosier picture than the old liberal guard. So that six in 10 voters believe the party led by Mr. Couillard is corrupt, it is very strong, “says Raynald Harvey, president of Segma Research.

This reputation is not foreign to the most recent setbacks PLQ, the sensational arrest of Nathalie Normandeau and doubts about the integrity of Hamad.

“It is especially how the last crisis was managed which seems to have caused the most harm, so-called ” damage control ”. The fact that Sam Hamad has left Florida maintaining its advantages, it has not rained. That remains the perception, but it must be put into the heads of people, the majority does not benefit from this kind of treatment. The management seems to have created more damage than the case itself, “says Harvey.


The survey was conducted among 565 people, 5 and 6 April, by telephone interviews from the call center Segma Search in Saguenay. The sample was randomly generated from all potentially active numbers in the riding, and respondents were contacted on their home phone or mobile phone. In total, 450 interviews were conducted with an agent and IVR-115 with the HD automated Segma Research.

The overall data were weighted based on the 2011 census by sex and age of the respondents. The margin of sampling error is approaching 4%.

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