Partial school election: Minister Blais “asleep at the switch”

nicole-leger-porte-parole-pequiste(Quebec) The Minister Franqois Blais had the time and the ability to prevent the holding of a school election, but he prefers to blame the commissioners aspirants for the cost of the poll, denounced in chorus the Parti Quebecois and the Quebec Coalition future ( CAQ).

The school board of the Capital warned the Minister of Education in May of the issue related to the election of a new Commissioner while Quebec wants to abolish school elections. On Tuesday, Mr. Blais said to question the “motivations” of the two candidates vying for the post of a commissioner resigning and that force a vote at a cost of $ 50,000 in mid-August. “They know we’re in a transition year, said Mr. Blais. They could perhaps wait a bit to see the end of it. ”

For the official opposition, the minister had all the time in recent weeks to resolve the issue. “It does not make sense, laments Nicole Léger, spokesperson PQ education. His explanation does not hold water. It’s been a long time that he is aware of the situation. He had some time before the end of the session to readjust things and postpone school elections. ”

For a bill or a simple legislative amendment, the Minister could have prevented that these $ 50,000 go elsewhere in student services, says Ms. Léger. “He slept on gas, she said. He could have acted. For me it is inconceivable that he did not. ”

A view shared by the caquiste MP Jean-François Roberge. The Minister may not plead that it now has its hands tied by the law as he had plenty of time to modify at ease. “It’s pretty sad to see a minister who jettisons his responsibilities like this, Mr. Roberge said. It poses as a victim of the system he should lead. […] Look, it would have taken a morning of parliamentary work. It would not have been long adopted this micromodification might have one. ”

“Minister Pontius Pilate”

The amounts involved are the equivalent of a full-time worker in the commission, insists Mr. Laberge. “He did not even try, deplores the caquiste MP. I think we really have a minister Pontius Pilate. He chose to sit on its hands and let go of the $ 50,000 expense. ”

One of two candidates for the position of Commissioner, Robert Martel, wrote to the Minister to show him his share of responsibility in this “spending spree”. Itself in favor of the abolition of school elections, this former teacher denounced “this useless and ridiculous election.” In an interview to the Sun, he explains his candidacy by a desire to be positioned within the school board to exercise a role once school elections abolished.

At the office of the Minister Blais, one notes that it is not possible to assume that the bill on school democracy which must be tabled in the fall will be adopted. Meanwhile, we must ensure that “school boards to function and that everything goes smoothly,” the press secretary of the minister.

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