Passengers: Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt in First Date in a new excerpt

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt will be on the 28th of December at Passengers. We find them during their first appointment in an extract unpublished.passengers-chris-pratt-jennifer-lawrence
Here is a duet that we REALLY HATE to discover on the big screen! Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt will both be playing the movie Passengers on December 28, and the trailer of the movie unveiled a few months ago, clearly put us star-filled eyes. The Hollywood stars lend their traits to Jim and Aurora, two passengers of a space shuttle heading towards another planet. While he was sleeping for the duration of the trip (150 years), Jim wakes up 90 years too soon and after 1 year of solitude, he decides to wake up Aurora. In the new excerpt that we reveal to you below, the two characters live their first appointment and the latter takes place rather well.

And we understand them! Imagine a little, you’re stuck in a space shuttle far from everything, alone with Chris Pratt or alone with Jennifer Lawrence, you’re trying your luck too, right? 90 years is very long, especially when one is stuck in a ship, in the middle of space and the Earth is out of reach, in every sense of the word … While waiting for the release of the film , You can already discover Jennifer Lawrence in full nightmare in an unpublished excerpt of Passengers on melty.

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