Patrick Kane: an empty evidence bag was left at the door

avocat-femme-pretend-avoir-eteThe woman’s lawyer who claims to have been sexually assaulted by the attacker of the Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Kane said Wednesday that an empty bag had been mysteriously left at the front door of the residence of the mother of the complainant.

At a press conference, Thomas Eoannou claimed that the bag had contained, at some point, a sampling kit in case of rape, used when a woman reported that she was sexually assaulted.

The Kane’s lawyer said that both parties had been informed that no trace of DNA Kane had been found “size down” on the woman.

Police authorities responded by saying that nothing is missing from the collection kit.

“There is something seriously wrong,” said Eoannou me while waving the crumpled brown bag, he added, casts doubt tampering of evidence.

Eoannou said the mother had made the strange discovery while returning from work on dinner time Tuesday afternoon. She found the folded bag between a screen door and the front door, he said.

“He could have been there for a day and a half,” he continued, because the lady has borrowed the back door when she left for work that morning.

He said the bag was authentic, it was tagged with the personal information of the woman, the details of where the kit was used and the initials of the nurse who had conducted the test.

“I’ve never seen a bag of evidence outside of a forensic laboratory, a prosecutor’s office or a courtroom, especially not to the mother’s front door a rape victim, “he commented.

The District Attorney of Erie County, Frank Sedita, said that the allegations of Mr. Eoannou would be the subject of an investigation, without saying more.

Me Eoannou said he wants the FBI or the New York State Police investigation to determine how this bag had escaped the investigators in the case. It is not known how this bag led to the front door of the residence of the mother and the impact that this discovery will have on the ongoing investigation, he added.

“We hope to find out how it happened and who intended to alter or eliminate evidence,” he said. Eoannou hoped that the person who deposited the bag at this point appears.

Police are investigating since the incident, which allegedly occurred on August 2 at the summer residence of Kane in suburban Buffalo. Kane has not been charged.

The Kane’s lawyer, Paul Cambria, said he hopes to hold an inquiry.

“Only a person dissatisfied DNA results would claim that they are corrupt, said Mr. Cambria The Associated Press.

“We are obviously delighted with the DNA results.”

A renowned defense attorney who is not involved in the file, noted that the bag could have been set aside if the evidence were there were transferred to another bag, which n ‘ would not affect the evidence or the case.

Kane has not traveled with the rest of the team Wednesday to Detroit to face the Red Wings after playing Tuesday.

Last week, Kane said he had done nothing wrong and said he expected to be absolved. He apologized for causing inconvenience to his family, his teammates in the organization Blackhawks and supporters of the team.

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