Paving Companies: new series of searches

enquete-bureau-concurrence-vise-secteursGradually, the Competition Bureau of Canada is continuing his tour of Quebec paving companies to research evidence on the existence of cartels: La Presse has learned that the agency has conducted at least four new raids Wednesday, this time in the region of Beauce and Quebec.

Reportedly, investigators from the Office visited firms Saint-Georges, Lévis and Saint-Marc-des-Carrières in this new hit.

“The Bureau is investigating alleged agreements or arrangements between competitors in order to assign territories to facilitate the sharing of contracts in the construction industry in Quebec,” confirmed Bildstein Taylor, spokesman for the body when attached on the phone.

Ms Bildstein says the investigation focuses on suspicions “of agreements to divide territories.”

This is the third wave of house searches of the Office in this industry since 2014.

In March 2014, investigators had visited 16 companies Montreal, Laval and Longueuil active in the asphalt, repairing sidewalks, Sewage and public parks.

Then in March 2015, it was the turn of a series of paving companies in the Montérégie, Mauricie, Estrie, Saguenay, the Centre-du-Québec and the National Capital Region.

The Charbonneau commission examined in 2013 at the phenomenon of collusion in this market.

A former company executive Sintra had described how the Ministry of Transport of Quebec had been the victim of a cartel which shared territories based on the proximity of asphalt plants over projects to achieve.

Officials have received gifts from members of the cartel and have useful information transmitted in the preparation of bids, he said.

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