Payment deadlines: RTA has understood the message of SMEs

aluminium-retablit-delaisRio Tinto Aluminium (RTA) back. The multinational resets the time for payment of accounts to suppliers that existed before November.

According to information obtained by The Daily, the British-Australian multinational and answers some pressure from the business community that would otherwise be borne accounts payable up to 120 days.

Questioned on the subject, François Gagné, president of the Saguenay Chamber of Commerce, said that this is great news for the business community, if confirmed. “We made representations to Étienne Jacques, Chief of Primary Metal operations in recent weeks to understand the impacts would have the announcement of new measures on our businesses. By changing the way they do, it would have had the effect of further lengthen the payment period from 20 to 30 days “.

Originally, it was announced that contractors could submit their bills before the end of this month.

Mr. Gagné believes that the Chamber of Commerce and the regional grouping of the rooms have been leading players in this by making representations with professionalism.

With the aim to develop a better partnership with RTA, the Chamber and its regional partners have agreed to meet every quarter the company representatives to take stock of various issues affecting the business community.

“We heard the concerns”

“We heard the concerns of our suppliers.” The regional spokesman for Rio Tinto Aluminium, Xuan-Lan Vu, confirms that changes to payment delays have raised a lot of concern around the globe.

“The idea was to maintain a strong position for the future and remain competitive.”

“However, we have heard the concerns and business issues, both for our partners and stakeholders. We decided to return to the original terms, “says Vu.

The communications manager says that all suppliers will be contacted in the coming days to teach them that this change may be well received.

“It was a global decision of Rio Tinto. Our suppliers from around told us their concerns, not only here in the region. We heard, “concluded Ms. Vu, which recalls the same breath that the global context for aluminum remains the same and that the company continues to work to remain competitive.

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