PBC has great ambitions for Lucian Bute

lucian-bute-annonce-retour-mardiLucian Bute and his manager Al Haymon nourish great ambitions: nothing less than a world championship and this at very short notice.

It’s a bit why Haymon hired Bute (31-2, 24 KOs) in his stable and gave him a place in his empire Prime Boxing Champions (PBC). But this plan could collapse the event of a loss to the Italian Andrea Di Luisa (17-2, 13 KOs), the Romanian-born Montrealers face grand finale gala presented in the August 15, at the Bell Centre.

If Di Luisa has never fought outside of Italy, the European champion of 168 pounds nevertheless remains a dangerous opponent for Bute, who did not deliver fighter since his loss to John Pascal in January 2014.

“I have found happiness and pleasure to train, but more importantly, I’m healthy, said the former world champion, who admitted that the last three years have been the most difficult of his career. In Di Luisa, I face a good boxer who has good tools for me, after being away so long, I think it is a credible opponent. ”

In preparation for this fight, comes to weight 171 pounds, Bute ended its association with the renowned Freddie Roach to associate with Howard and Otis Grant brothers.

“At this stage of my cartrière, I can not afford to work with a part-time coach. I need a full-time coach and found the right team, Bute said. I did not have to go into exile several weeks before a fight to the training camp and the rest of the time working for myself here. ”

The impressed Grant

“After a few weeks working with Lucian, my brother Otis said,” Shit Howard This guy is really good! “He told Howard Grant. I replied: “I can not believe some say that this guy is over law is to be done.”. I do not stop to talk with him: he is 35 years old, I think financially, its future is assured, but he is motivated, hungry. He trains hard all the time, I have to tell him sometimes to do less. I enjoy and it’s fun. This is a positive guy. It’s also the only thing I imposed. I told him: “Here, we only look up. ‘”

But that does not mean there is nothing to tweak.

“With all due respect to him, I told him there about two months:” I can not honestly believe you were champion as long, because you make a lot of mistakes. ” Maybe it’s me who is too perfectionist, but he made mistakes. And my brother and I we try to correct them: keeping his hands high at all times, work more inside … little things that I like to see.

“What we want to see is that it impresses on August 15 because they have big plans for this guy. Many will come to see a finished thinking boxer. I told Yvon Michel and the whole team that this is not the case. It was damaged, for sure, but I’m the mechanic who will put everything in place. ”

Remains to be seen what it will in the ring, but already if Bute had to be convincing face Di Luisa, PBC big plans for him a major fight in October in Quebec. Against who?

“I do not want to talk for now, but everything is put together, and it will happen here,” said Jean Bedard, President of InterBox.

Alvarez and Rivas

In addition to Bute, Eleider Alvarez and Oscar Rivas also deliver decisive battles for the rest of their careers at the gala set up jointly by Groupe Yvon Michel and InterBox and presented on the airwaves of NBC Sports in the United States and the PPV in Canada.

Alvarez (17-0, 10 KOs), the third contender WBC, defending his WBC Silver heavyweight facing the Paraguayan Isidro Prieto (24-0-3, 20 KOs), ranked sixth WBO and deliver a first fight outside of South America. The opponent heavyweight Rivas (17-0, 12 KOs) will be identified later.

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