Pedestrians caught in Las Vegas: the conductor charged with murder

lakeisha-hollowayThe woman who drove his car on Sunday night crowd in Las Vegas, killing one person, will be charged with murder, announced Monday the prosecutor Steven Wolfson at a press conference.

“We will start the process of indictment for murder with use of a deadly weapon,” said the prosecutor.

Two Canadians were among the victims injured by the motorist.

In an interview Monday with The Canadian Press, the spokesman for the University Hospital of Las Vegas, Danita Cohen, said that three of the five seriously injured people were in critical condition, including two Canadians. The other two are in serious condition.

According to some media, one of the wounded Quebecers is a man of Delson, a southern suburb of Montreal. Anthony Duhamel, aged 21, would however have been released from the hospital, but according to news reports, some of his relatives were injured more seriously.

KTNV broadcast images of an interview with Anthony Hamel, who celebrated his 21st birthday in Las Vegas with relatives. He was hospitalized with a knee injury.

“I’m not the one who is in the worst condition. There are people inside who really have big problems [health], “he has said, on leaving the property. “I saw people injured. I wonder how they are going, how their life is going to continue. ”

The thesis of terrorism ruled out

“We do not believe that this is an act of terrorism”, reiterated the Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo, citing an “intentional act”. But as “we have difficulty getting its antecedents” and “we still have these unknowns, we do not exclude the possibility of 100% [an act] of terrorism,” he added.

The driver is a 24 year old Black, identified as Lakeisha Holloway, from Oregon.

She carried in her car, a 1996 Oldsmobile registered in Oregon, a 3 year old girl who is unscathed from the accident.

The sheriff said the driver appeared to be in conflict with the father of the girl. She spent probably by Las Vegas to join this man in Texas, he said.

Thirty people were also injured in the incident, three of whom are still in critical condition, “with head injuries,” according to the sheriff.

The accident occurred on the Strip, a portion of Las Vegas Boulevard lined with big hotels and casinos where tourists flock from around the world.

He intervened when was held the Miss Universe pageant, won by Miss Philippines.

After dark in the crowd on a sidewalk about 18 h 30, the driver stopped at a nearby hotel to ask to call emergencies.

“She did not seem stressed out by his actions,” reported the police chief, adding that she was not under the influence of alcohol. But one expert said that she was under the influence of a “kind of stimulant.”

“She did not seem to dampen”

“I saw a car that was rolling toward us on the sidewalk,” said another witness to the KLAS news channel. “A woman was driving, she did not seem to slow down, she had both hands on the wheel. ”

The same witness reported that some individuals locally shouted to the driver to stop, to no avail.

The incident occurred in front of the Paris Hotel and Planet Hollywood.

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