Peladeau reiterates its confidence in Duchesne

nouveau-depute-rene-levesque-martin(Quebec) The PQ leader Pierre Karl Peladeau reiterated his confidence in his right arm, the former journalist and former minister Pierre Duchesne, in the heart of major tensions within the parliamentary team.

Despite reports that evoke the difficulty of several deputies and employees of the parliamentary wing with his chief of staff, Mr. Péladeau said Wednesday he had “absolutely” trust him.

Dismissals and resignations of staff members, deputies “unmotivated”. The atmosphere is not the party in the PQ for some time. Some attribute the friction to the inevitable upheaval associated with the arrival of a new leader who “place” its people to key positions.

“It is certain that there are changes, agreed the PQ leader. It is normal to have changes within a new organization. There is a new leader, there is a new organization. […] Changes are always accompanied, indeed, not necessarily tension but of questions. It is for us to ensure to explain what it is and then that is what we will continue to work. ”

Experience in policy

The name on everyone’s lips is that of Duchesne. His critics have a long list of grievances against him: lack of experience, lack of listening, crisply, expeditious nature and proud, leaning revanchist. According to various sources, these traits would be forgiven if he could “roll the shop” competently. But his long journalistic experience and his short experience in politics seem to some insufficient to ensure effective management of the opposition.

Changes to the payroll multiplied. In his resignation letter, Genevieve Decarie, head turned to the head of the Cabinet, which was also one of the main organizers of Mr. Péladeau during the race, specifically talking about the case of Mr. Duchesne, we-we are assured. Some have seen in the offer “unacceptable” made the boss of research, Simon Berthiaume to become a researcher, a “settling of accounts” by the chief of staff. The return of a chief of staff whip’s office, Sandra Boucher, a long-time employee, has caused surprise. After the departure of Stéphane Bédard MP, one of his chief of staff, Simon Lajoie, also reached morale. A senior member of the research team, Jean-Philippe Rochette, also resigned there about ten days.

Among the accusations, Mr. Duchesne would have virtually no consultation with members of the parliamentary wing before rebrasser responsibilities within the shadow cabinet. Redistribution has left many dreamers about the files that were entrusted to them.

“Now that it is all in the media, I would wager that the invitations to dinner [the chief of staff] will multiply to pamper MPs in the restaurants of the Great Walk”, says a source. If the leadership of Mr. Péladeau does not appear disputed Mr. Duchesne appears in the sights of some.

It is “normal” that a new leader chooses his entourage, repeat PQ leader. “It happened to me earlier in my previous professional lives,” he said. He argues that his first six months as leader were quite busy: learning the new role, composition of the shadow cabinet, parliamentary session, elections, federal elections. “Leave me a little while anyway, Mr. Péladeau said. […] As the English say. There’s So Many thing a man can do ”

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