Peter Sergakis pinned for bottles transfilling

peter-sergakisPeter Sergakis, president of the Union of Quebec bars tenants, was awarded nearly $ 50,000 in violation for transfilling of bottles of alcohol content in his Sky complex, rue St. Catherine.

In a recent judgment of the Municipal Court of Montreal, the spokesman of the night industry and his company Sergakis Investments inc. were found guilty of the charges against them. The amount of their fines was however diminished they are now liable to be required to sign a check for $ 18,000, but took their case on appeal, said Sébastien Senechal, counsel for Mr. Sergakis, in a telephone interview.

“Too full Bottles”

In November 2013, the SPVM investigators noted that bars Sky contained “very damaged cylinders but still full,” and “too full bottles” as well as “a funnel and a sieve.” They seized 103 bottles suspicious.

The bottles transfilling is against the law to avoid alcohol for personal consumption – “unstamped” and therefore much less taxed – only found served in a bar or restaurant.

Sophie Beauchemin before the judge of the Municipal Court of Montreal, Peter Sergakis and manager of the complex said they had set up a system of pouring from alcohol. However, they vowed that they were only together “a background of alcohol” with a full bottle or transferring from bottles whose timbre was damaged in a bottle intact stamp.

Do not waste

“Sir Peter Sergakis says there is no harm in not wasting alcohol purchased directly from the SAQ and sold as such to clients of the Sky”, reported Beauchemin judge in his decision. “It’s always the same kind of alcoholic drink that is being poured into another bottle,” continued the businessman.

But nothing did: calling the ban Unload bottles of alcohol content of “total”, the Municipal Court found guilty Mr. Sergakis.

“The court is satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendants are guilty of keeping of any alcoholic beverages in containers other than those in which they were delivered to him as well as having filled […] started a container” , the magistrate ruled. The rules “are clear and require no interpretation.”

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