Peter Simons ready for his arrival in Ottawa

Clothes are hung, the staff is hired, and display – in large part bilingual – is installed around the store. On the eve of his entry into the capital of Canada, Peter Simons feels ready.

Met Tuesday morning to a store where workers busily still is, the big boss of La Maison Simons estimated that there are only “small business” to refine by opening on Thursday at 11am.

Perched in the third and fourth floors of the Rideau Centre in the heart of downtown Ottawa, it will be the second store of the chain on Ontario soil.

Covering an area of nearly 10,000 square meters, the store boasts a suspended structure of Canadian artist Shayne Dark, dubbed Torrential Red. A partnership with the Ottawa Art Gallery has also been found to exhibit works of local artists in the new Simons.

Of bilingual signage

During a site visit in June , Peter Simons indicated that the Law would be displayed only in English in the capital, and he preferred to focus on the language aspect in the management of customer service . a decision that was subsequently reviewed after receiving several comments, including from the Association of Francophone communities in Ottawa.

“I had a lot of feedback on your article, he says. Of course, that made us think. ”

The advertising and directional display will be fully bilingual, a concept developed especially for the Ottawa store. Only small signs denoting items will be in English only.

Staff “is 75% bilingual,” also said Mr. Simons, stating to have responded to criticism by listening to his heart.

“It is a family business, and I do that by feeling a little bit, launches the business. I also do it by logic, because it is true that there are many requests. I read them all, and I try to answer all these requests one. […] It is certain that the French language is a language that I love is a language that I find beautiful. ”

Peter Simons also focusing on the launch of a mobile application, next winter, to offer clients extensive information about the products, and in both English and French.

Building on Experience

While online shopping still gaining popularity, says Peter Simons invest much effort in design and experience within its stores. At present, about 10% of Simons sales are made online, he said.

The owner of La Maison Simons also expects not that the Ottawa store generates a marked decline in traffic in the Gatineau riding, open there close to a year.

“I think there are customers who will be loyal to Gatineau, and that’s another experiment here in downtown Ottawa,” he mentioned.

Calling it “exceptional” opening Simons Gatineau last summer due to the presence of a long line of customers who want to be the first to set foot in the store, the businessman says do not s’ expect a similar scenario in Ottawa. He will wait until Thursday morning to see if he is right or not.

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