Pharmacies Quebec: reduced hours charged to cuts

recentes-compressions-budgetaires-gouvernement-force(Quebec) Successful Ferlatte pharmacy owners Yves and Pierre-Yves Hébert truncated service hours in 5 of the 18 institutions of their group. A direct consequence of the reduction of fees imposed by the Minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, they attack.

“The major government cuts force us to reduce our hours.” The warning is framed in red and displayed in the door of a pharmacy street Montmagny, in the Saint-Sauveur neighborhood. Below, the new opening hours for already compressed few weeks.

On the phone, the businessman Yves Ferlatte pharmacist adds a layer: “With all the cuts there was a pharmacy, we had to review all expenses to cope with cuts in dispensing fees. “To balance the budget, less lucrative evenings were withdrawn. Customer loses around 10% of access, he assesses briefly. “We will deliver our services in a different way.”

And Mr. Ferlatte ensures that many other owners have done the same: “Many pharmacies in Quebec took action. A lot.”

Cutting $ 130 million

In the name of fiscal austerity, Quebec announced that owners pharmacists should forego approximately $ 130 million per year. Roughly $ 100,000 reduction by trade, had assessed their national association.

A figure echoed by Mr Ferlatte to justify the decline in service: “In all pharmacists in Quebec, it has caused expenditure analysis. Listen, overnight, an average cut $ 100,000 fee in pharmacies in Quebec. ”

This is really a consequence of the fiscal contraction of the Minister of Health? “This is what caused the final analysis, yes.”

Yves Ferlatte explains that it is preferable that pharmacies are open as long as possible every day because we do not know when a patient presents to execute an order or ask for advice. “We’re on the front line. […] So that’s why we have relatively large opening hours. ”

It should, however, the government also announced that pharmacists can now make further acts, some of which will be paid: prescribe simple medications, extend an order, change the dose if needed … “But that does not make [cuts ] “, calculates Yves Ferlatte.

“This is very good news, but it is paradoxical; we are asked to do more with fewer financial resources. ”

Pharmacists could then turn to the drug industry to pay them bigger discounts on sales of generic products, he said. The Quebec government agreed to uncap rebates, which were limited to 15% of the amounts paid to the fund by patients and their insurance. These assessments can be used to pay staff, training, equipment …

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