Phone Mary-Pier Guilbault not ringing off the hook

concurrente-emission-voixFrom the hours of its removal from the show The Voice, Mary-Pier Guilbault received a series of invitations for new musical projects. Although it can not implement them for now, his contract with J Productions ending June, she now knows she can continue to live his passion.

Over the past six years, the Drummondville has traveled the world with Cirque du Soleil. Now aged 30, she wants to get more stability and a career closer to home. Televisual experience proved so beautiful gateway to a new life.

“I’ll be back in one way or another. I did not want to leave for tours of six months. My family is close-knit and I was bored too, she says. It is often difficult to come back, it takes time before people realize that you’re back. The fact of being part of the official team, to have my song on an album that is already a gold record and participate in two shows of Marc Dupré at the Bell Centre might give me a helping hand. ”

A stressful experience, rewarding extraordinary …

This time, there was no possible rescue. Although it offered the best of itself in its interpretation of the Hymn to love, she failed to convince the public that it deserved to go to step semifinals. The audience chose him Geneviève Leclerc.

“It’s been a roller coaster of emotions. I go out winning this adventure. I’m not disappointed, I am proud of myself and I am ready for new challenges. Voice, this is not a competition of voice is also a popularity contest, “she relativized.

Unlike the amateurs, the young Guilbault got the support of his coach Marc Dupre. Although she chose to begin the adventure with Ariane Moffatt, Dupre was quick to save her from elimination before spare her the battlefield, only to give it the highest rating of his trio live.

“It makes me a little velvet Marc has given me the most points. I learned so much watching him work, I felt like a five year old child. I think I would follow him everywhere, even if it was only to bring him coffee, she laughs. He is a very attentive, very present. ”

During his journey, the Drummondville in particular had the opportunity to chat with Mika and with guitarist David Lafleche who was interested in a long history.

“It was a very rewarding experience. It allowed me to gain confidence, an experience before the cameras and meet new people. I experienced a lot of stress, but I must say it was amazing, “she says.

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