Pierre Dostie said no to the second bridge

-pierre-dostieQuebec Solidaire candidate in the byelection in Chicoutimi, Pierre Dostie, advocates a restructuring of the economy towards green technologies. It offers improved funding transit electrified, abandonment of projects such as the LNG liquefaction plant Quebec and the construction of a second bridge on the Saguenay, this latest project is an incentive to use even more cars.

At the press conference, Mr. Dostie stated that it is time to question the consumption of fossil fuels by investing a sum of $ nine billion over five years to develop electric public transit vehicles, which would create 40,000 jobs in the province. “Here in Saguenay, it would improve the flexibility of bus transit service in areas that are not covered. This nine billion $ is the same amount that the government wants to put in the bottom of generations. ”

He added that Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, citizens invest 21% of their income, a $ billion for travel, purchasing and maintenance of their car. Of the total, $ 750 million are drained to the outside of the region. “If we had the possibility of reducing by 14% the distances traveled and the value of cars purchased $ 5,000, we could reduce the cash outflow of $ 500 million.”

Another issue that interests Mr. Dostie respect to biogas putrescible material, which would capture the gases produced and burned in car engines, a current project since, as of 2022, the municipalities will obligation to treat these materials.

Regarding the project of natural gas liquefaction plant, Mr. Dostie opposed because in addition to promoting the consumption of fossil fuels, it could be a threat to maritime safety. According to him, a ship that transports liquefied gas must maintain a security zone of two kilometers of it, which would be difficult to implement given the width of the Saguenay and presence during certain times of cruise ships .

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