Pig Festival of St. Perpetua: the controversy is discreet

contrairement-annees-precedentes-controverse-pas(St. Perpetua) The organizers of St. Perpetua pig Festival pushed a sidelines of the 39th edition of relief. This year, almost no controversy or claim is not clouded the event that ends on a high note.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has issued a message on his Facebook page Saturday: “Montreal SPCA is opposed to this festival, at which pigs and wild boars are under stress and suffering in the name of ” entertainment ”, “reads it. This message is far from taking the same proportions as in previous years.

For two years, organizations caring of animal welfare had targeted the festival’s flagship event or race greased pigs. Result: the visitors were more likely to be present in the activity.

Mayor of St. Perpetua, Line Theroux, was visibly relieved not to have had too many protesters on the back for this 39th edition. At the same time, she understood their demands. “The activists are doing their job. This is not a bad thing. They want to improve animal welfare. But they left we perceive not taking care of animals. This is false, “she pleads.

The Chairman of the Board, Paul Jutras, was happy that the controversy will not be interfered in the program this year. “This year we had no problems on that side. We never understood why they are attacking the Pig Festival and not on other events. ”

The spotlights trained on the festival helped increase awareness, he believes. “If it has helped us to publicize the event, I want to tell you that it did not hurt us.”

Michael Daoust has ignored past controversies and jumped into the arena for the first time. The young man of 27 did not make the front weight pork than a hundred pounds. “Everything is done so that the pig does not suffer. If you hurt him, it is disqualified. Its environment is the bait. It is we who are not in our element, “he notes.

“If people were outraged, there would not be thousands in the stands. It’s full of families and children, “he observes.

The Minister of Tourism and responsible for the Mauricie region, Julie Boulet, stopped at St. Perpetua as part of its extensive tour of events across the province.

She was able to attend for the first time at the race greased pigs, a discipline at least unique. “I do not know if I was taking to the pig or the participant,” she says. On a more serious note, she returned to the importance of festivals that have several decades of existence of renewal.

“I believe in small events. I want them more space, but they must modernize, adapt, “she says. “Tourists today are not looking for the same thing that tourists ago 20 years,” she notes.

Paul Jutras is very aware of this reality. While the 40th edition of the Festival du cochon approaching, it promises many new features. He looks desolately festivals disappearing or must cancel an edition as FestiBeach of Lac-a-la-Tortue. “We are all at risk. Here I think we found the right recipe, “he notes.

At least, to see the stands filled with people who came to encourage participants in the arena, the formula is a winner, no doubt. Without revealing official figures, he was confident of achieving the target of 35 000 visitors.

The 39th edition just ended, the attention of Paul Jutras is fully oriented edition 2017. “Forty years, we must celebrate. I will not say that everything is done to you, but there are serious good ideas. It’ll be a little more grandiose, that’s for sure. I keep the surprise. But for sure there will be something special, “he argues.

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