Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Johnny Depp (Jack Sparrow) replaced by a younger actor?

brenton-thwaites-henry-turner-will-johnnyDisney Studios dissatisfied with Johnny Depp’s performances? Will Jack Sparrow be replaced in Pirates of the Caribbean 5 The Revenge of Salazar? Answers.
Bad news for fans of Jack Sparrow … We knew that Pirates of the Caribbean 5 would be the last film of the saga for Johnny Depp, but the actor of Sleepy Hollow could leave the ship even earlier! According to rumors reported by the site MovieNewsGuide, Disney studios would not be satisfied with the shots with Johnny Depp and decided to draw him time on the screen. And it would be Brenton Thwaites (Henry) to take over on Edward’s silver hands. This episode will be the occasion for many members of the cast to bid farewell. As you can see in the trailer below, Orlando Bloom (Will), Geoffrey Rush (Barbossa) and Kevin McNally (Gibbs) will be back with the new Javier Bardem (Salazar) and Kaya Scodelario (Carina).

It’s a blow for fans of Jack Sparrow. Disney believes that the 54-year-old actor has lost its charm and will not satisfy the audience. Johnny Depp has indeed finished shooting his part and there is a little time left to the studios if they wish to make new scenes with the other members of the cast. According to GameNGuide, moments of Jack Sparrow would even be returned with another character! Is there any connection with the star’s private life and his recent separation from Amber Heard? Did Johnny Depp really lose credibility? On melty, we announced the start and the shooting location of Pirates of the Caribbean 5, as to the release date it is scheduled for the moment to May 24, 2017. And you, what do you think of a Caribbean Pirate Without Johnny Depp?

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