PKP is considering making a “substantial” donation to the Institute on sovereignty

chef-pq-pierre-karl-peladeau(Quebec) To provide the best possible takeoff at the Research Institute on sovereignty, the PQ leader, Pierre Karl Péladeau, considering offering him a personal gift “important.” This nonprofit organization will be formed shortly, we promise.

The operating procedures of the future Institute should be formally presented by the PQ leader by the end of the month; a little before or a little after the meeting to be held by members of the Parliamentary wing 20 and January 21 in Chicoutimi, according to information obtained by The Sun. The exact launch date has not yet been arrested.

This institute will be “the vehicle that will allow us food for thought and to produce studies to ensure that we can go to the people with arguments that will be significant, detailed, powerful and, of course, define our approach to the 2018 elections, “said Mr. Peladeau had in February. He later clarified that his would be funded by donations from Quebecers.

The Parti Quebecois, some wondered for a while if the Quebec law on political party financing would apply to the think tank, and if the gifts should be limited to $ 100 per person per year – which would have seriously complicated funding.

Finally, it is not clear how this law could apply to this organization, although it is the PQ leader himself who has been the inspiration. “People have the right to finance the causes they want,” says a senior party member, who said that nothing would prevent Mr. Peladeau to go a significant personal contribution. Technically, once launched, the institute will be independent of the Parti Quebecois, it is argued.

In a generation

At the Chief Electoral Officer of Quebec, we do not comment on the case.

The Research Institute on sovereignty produce studies on Quebec independence, “its impact and its benefits, both economically and financially and other” details a speaker associated with the reflection. It should also address issues such as the international recognition of a sovereign Quebec.

The studies will be conducted by recognized people as experts in their field, ensures a PQ. The last true gender studies date back a generation, insists another.

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