PKP wants to be more present in Quebec

peladeu(Quebec) Pierre Karl Péladeau wants to be more involved in the region to increase the attractiveness of the Parti Quebecois. The Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) sees a repudiation of the only MP PQ in Quebec, Agnes Maltais.

In his shadow cabinet reshuffle, the PQ leader has appropriated spokesperson responsibilities of the capital and metropolis. The Member for Taschereau, Ms. Maltais, who held the position for Quebec is now his “lieutenant”.

“I intend to get more involved, said the PQ leader, yesterday. […] I have a lot of fun working with Mrs. Maltais and I still think that there are significant gains to be made in our national capital. We must involve ourselves even more in the months and years ahead. ”

Far from a demotion for her, Agnès Maltais sees a “strong signal” of Mr. Péladeau for the region of Quebec. Its various responsibilities, including his role as deputy leader, considerably monopolize, argues the hon. “I had a hard time truly well take care of the national capital,” she added.

“We must understand that we are now two says Ms. Maltais. I am no longer alone. […] It’s important to him, it’s a big signal. For me, it is seen as the reinforcement. ”

The division of labor is not yet established. Head of the responsibilities of Mr. Péladeau will lead him to the four corners of the province. “Normally,” it would be for him to defend the credits of the capital in committee. “I think it will be him, says Ms. Maltais. But if he is not available because it is opposition leader … Two, we made a good team. ”


At the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ), the spokesman for Quebec Éric Caire, believes that the realignment reflects the “severe judgment” focused on Ms. Maltais of work. “I think Mr. Péladeau as we see the failure of the PQ to make gains in the Quebec City area and the ax has just fallen for Mrs. Maltais,” he says.

Mr. Caire considers that the title of “Lieutenant” is a consolation prize. “It does not exist, he said. We can invent titles that just exist in the minds of ego bruised, but Ms. Maltais has just been compacted. ”

It is “ironic” that the CAQ has been criticized on the Montreal Jocelyne Cazin application in Chauveau, while the PQ appoint “someone in Montreal to discuss the issues of the capital.”

About caquiste informed of Ms. Maltais lamented his lack of “elegance”. “When Mr. Caire has reached my level of responsibility in his career, he has lived what I’ve lived, he can afford to comment,” she replied.

For his part, the Minister responsible for the Quebec City region, Sam Hamad, hard to see why Mr. Péladeau assumes spokespersons functions for the Capitale-Nationale “.

“I think Ms. Maltais was doing a good job as a spokesman of the opposition, said Minister Hamad. Mr. Péladeau did not need to make this change because a then opposition leader can intervene on all subjects. So there is a symbol that Mr. Péladeau wants to send I do not understand, but that’s his choice. ”

Note that on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of Québec in 2008, former Prime Minister Jean Charest was also assigned the responsibility of the National Capital.

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