Place the digital governance at Cegep de Chicoutimi

generale-cegepFourteen months after the inauguration of its new CEO, Denyse Blanchet, Cegep de Chicoutimi undertaking a major shift in its management. It adopts a mode of digital governance, a form of participative management that will involve as many ideas from students of all staff as members of the wider community of Chicoutimi. The application of this type of governance is a first in Quebec in the college system.

Monday morning, the direction of the Cégep de Chicoutimi gathered all staff to announce the changes to the governance of the collegiate institution. “We work to rebuild. Since the announcement of my appointment, my mandate is to reposition the college as a unifying spirit, “said Ms. Blanchet from the outset, in an interview, accompanied by Regis Pelletier, Director of Studies.

With 40 years of accumulated experience in networks of health and education, including six as Director General of CEGEP Montmorency, Ms. Blanchet is able to find that many of the staff at all levels are each passionate in their field. They are often willing to invest effort to offer ideas and suggestions that will improve the operation of the college.

No more closed doors

Whether for program evaluation, data on students, the needs of businesses in labor, property management, student exchanges abroad or other numerous topics, Ms. Blanchet proclaims that the time when decisions are taken behind closed doors is over.

“Everyone should be able to speak and to direct how to operate the Cégep. Citizens have the ideas and expectations of us. That is why, this morning (Monday), we presented a reconstruction of the vision focuses on open and digital governance, “says Blanchet. Transparency values, open collaboration and participation will surround the new digital governance.

Digital Platform

Following a tour conducted since January, Ms. Blanchet has seen the diversity of education provided at the Cégep de Chicoutimi, recognizing that people within the institution did not know each other.

The first step of the new governance is to subject the public square nine proposals for new guidelines that could give the College via a digital platform for discussion open to everyone, from students, teachers, administrators and others.

“As a college, we will do the synthesis of open debate to identify the main ideas that emerge in order to discuss them. On May 27, we will invite the people who put ideas on the platform to the deepening and possibly subject them to all stakeholders such as unions, business. It is expected that the Chamber of Commerce to intervene and the public in general. ” Work will continue in September when the board will have to decide.

An ongoing activity

The CEO insists assert that it was not a one-time consultation or simply a “brainstorming”, but an ongoing activity which will be part of the new collegial governance.

“We extend open government so that the board is placed at the end of the decision process, whereas before the board decides all. It is believed that with the development of such a major partnership with the community, the college is bound to be a winner, “she concludes.

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