Poignant messages of the wife of David Bowie before his death

david-bowie-sa-femme-imanThe wife of David Bowie, married for 23 years to the legendary singer, has published several touching messages on Facebook in the days before the death of her husband.

“It’s a real test, like that of God,” wrote the supermodel Iman on his Twitter and Facebook accounts Sunday, the day of the death of Bowie, who died surrounded by his family after struggling for 18 months against cancer.

In the hours that followed the death of the star, the Iman message had received more than 2,000 comments condolences to the model 60, an American of Somali origin, and their daughter, Alexandria.

Iman has not expressed publicly since the death of her husband.

“Sometimes you do not know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory,” said she wrote Saturday.

Iman also republished a series of old photos of Bowie and celebrating its 69th anniversary messages Friday.

“I will love you till I die, I’ll see you in heaven Cesoir Happy Birthday Mr. Bowie,” reads one of these messages over a photo of Bowie with singer Tina Turner.

“Happy birthday to the man who fell to Earth. Forever, Bowie, “reads another message.

“Life is not done to avoid getting hurt. This is a set of scars to prove it has come to this, “she wrote Friday in his 108,000 followers on Twitter.

The couple, who plays one of the longest marriages of celebrities, had married in 1992 and divided his time between London and New York. Their daughter was born in 2000.

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