Poka on track to conquer the world

depuis-qualexandre-leclerc-antoine-bisson(Quebec) With a 380% growth rate in less than 18 months, the young company Poka Quebec has the wind in its sails, from start-up to an established company ready to conquer the world market.

Since Alexander Leclerc and Antoine Bisson founded the company, they went from a team of 2 to 30, with a sales office in Montreal and his team, in addition to hiring representatives in Toronto and the US STATES to cover a larger area.

Specializing in the managements of industry issues, industrial Poka social platform used to transmit practical knowledge in the operation and maintenance of equipment in a factory. The application brings together the memory and experience of all employees to make it available at all times. This transmission of real-time knowledge saves time and money for both managers and employees.

After an initial funding of $ 2.5 million risk capital, the two young visionaries of 26 and 27 can enjoy an additional contribution of $ 6.5 million in their second round of financing completed recently.

“We anticipated good growth of the company, but never so quickly,” says Alexandre Leclerc. “We will continue to offer Poka to other manufacturers because we have developed a powerful product that has little or no equivalent on the market.”

Managing growth

Now that Poka is carving out a place in several plants in Quebec, Canada and the United States, the borders of Mexico should open quickly. This will happen with Europe too.

However, the company must manage growth, but also the addition of language in the application for employees and for technical support, plus flexible hours because of the time difference. “It is not unusual to get up in the middle of the night to training sessions or discussions with clients,” says Antoine Bisson.

The tool of choice is no longer the manual next to the machinery, but a QR code that allows access to accurate information to solve a malfunction by short videos or chat by video with another experienced employee on the same type of equipment.

This digital shift began in the factories of Biscuits Leclerc is now spreading across the globe. Many companies that have adopted the platform in their Canadian plant to deploy in other plants worldwide.

Competitive advantage

Many clients use Poka as a competitive advantage to respond more quickly than competitors in the transmission of knowledge and skills in their various plants.

But Poka can also be used for other purposes, as is currently done with a company in the construction for the dissemination of information on health and safety at work. This is another string to the bow of the company for growth.

With investors such as Jeff Clavier, Soft Tech and Chris Arsenault of Inovia Capital, the two young businessmen feel supported in their future plans. For them, the future lies in digital and mobile applications. They want to ensure that their platform continues to evolve, to adapt to changes in technology while remaining simple and easy to access for any user in the industrial or manufacturing universe.

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