Pokemon Go: Learn how to use Metamorph of the bullring

pokemon-go-metamorph-ditto-mise-a-jour-iosSince the arrival of Ditto in Pokemon Go, you want to fight your new favorite? No panic, it explains everything.

In recent days, it is a real madness that has gripped players Pokemon GB. With the arrival of Metamorph in the game, and the ability to catch every Pidgey, each Rattata may actually be a Ditto . To find out, you have no choice but to capture the monster to force it to resume its original shape. And if the mere fact of having captured the morphing Pokemon is already a victory in itself, it can also work wonders on the field! Indeed, in the original games, Ditto has only attack morphing. In Pokemon Go , he was also equipped for the attack Wrestling, which deals 15 damage. But the whole point of Pokemon is its first ability , which allows him to transform into any Pokemon, but especially copy stats and abilities.

Metamorph available in Pokemon Go!
In practice, Metamorph therefore automatically uses its morphing attack , and automatically becomes a copy of his opponent. Its PC change, and he gets all the stats and abilities of Pokemon he has in front of him. Note that Metamorph keep the same shape throughout the fight , even if other adverse Pokemon then join the game. So you’ll do well to call Metamorph in front of a powerful Pokemon. Finally, if two Metamorph trying to fight against one another arena, it will happen absolutely nothing, you’ll only option to leave the fight. You’ll understand the new Pokemon introduced in the show could change done in combat. But all Pokemon Go secrets have not been discovered yet , so keep looking! Have you captured Ditto?

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