Police strike against AHL Hells Angels

suspects-tous-comparu-palais-justice(Montreal) Five men linked to the group of bikers Devils Ghosts, arrested in a police raid on Tuesday were accused Wednesday to Montreal courthouse to possess prohibited weapons and possession of drugs for trafficking. This police strike against AHL Hells Angels occurs when the mega-trial of five bikers finally starts.

Men aged 28-72 years, who appeared Wednesday will return to court Friday for their investigation of release. These Montrealers Petardi Michael, Matthew Richiot Sergio Nesparoli Jr, Sr Sergio Nesparoli and Gino Nesparoli. Reportedly, at least one of them would be a member in good standing of Devils Ghosts. Biker jackets the group were also found by police during two searches.

An arsenal was seized in residences, four handguns, long guns, chargers, various ammunition and bulletproof vests. The police also got hold of three and a kilo of cocaine, valued at approximately $ 50,000 on the market according to our sources. The police are continuing their investigation of these seized items, as they have been used to commit other crimes.

The arrests prove that law enforcement must remain vigilant, says Sergeant Eloise Cossette, spokesperson of the Regional Task Squad Montreal, noting the coincidence of the roundup with the trial of five Hells Angels “We must stay on top in the investigation, because we see that there are emerging groups that are active. Seen with provided we made Tuesday. ”

These are shots fired in the Montreal North neighborhood, on July 22, who launched the investigation by the Joint Regional Squad Montreal, consisting of the Sûreté du Québec, the City’s Police Department Montreal and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Tuesday, the five suspects were arrested at a residence in the Georges Pichet Avenue, in Montreal North, and in a residence of René Descartes Avenue in Rivière-des-Prairies.

One of the accused, Gino Nesparoli who resides elsewhere on the René Descartes Avenue is the bar owner Nite Lite. It was in this bar LaSalle that Jamie and Cody Laramée brothers were murdered on July 1, 2013. Jamie Laramée was a big size of organized crime in Montreal: he controlled the port of Montreal, the main gate of drug entry. The liquor license of Nite Lite has often been dismissed by the Liquor, races and games (RACJ) for various offenses.

In March, six people linked to Devils Ghosts were arrested and charged with various counts of being part of a drug trafficking network. The Devils Ghosts were created in the early 2010s.

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