Poll CROP : the PQ loses feathers

pierre-karl-peladeau-obtient-23(Quebec) The Quebec Liberal Party gives to the head in the polls for the first time since Pierre Karl Péladeau is at the helm of the training. Gains in public opinion in the leadership race crumble.

This is what reveals a CROP- La Presse survey conducted from August 12 to 17 among 1000 Quebecers, through a web panel. This probe shot partly coincides with the time of high-profile wedding of Mr. Péladeau and producer Julie Snyder, which was celebrated on 15 August.

In May, with the election of Pierre Karl Péladeau as head of the PQ, the sovereigntist training had outstripped the PLQ for the first time since the general elections of April 2014. But this advance had melted the following month, the two parties were on par. This time, the PLQ takes the lead.

The Parti Quebecois harvest 29% of the vote after distribution of the undecided, fell five points since the last stroke of probe, in June.

“The leadership race had generated some momentum, but it looks like we are after that. It ran out of steam. The Parti Quebecois returns to where it was before the race, “analyzes the Vice President of CROP, Youri Rivest.

The PLQ PQ ahead by four points, with 33% of voting intentions. It was 34% in June For its part, the future Coalition Québec (CAQ) is a rebound after hitting rock bottom. François Legault’s party climbed six points from 17-23%. He found the score he had obtained in the election on April 7, 2014. Québec solidaire retains 13% of support.

Despite a loss of six points, the PQ remains in the lead among francophones (35%). The CAQ is 25%, the PLQ 24%.

Popularity Péladeau down

Philippe Couillard (24%) now slightly ahead of Pierre Karl Péladeau (23%) when asked which party leaders “would make the best prime minister”. Mr. Péladeau harvest two points less than in June François Legault is 16%.

The sovereignist option also loses feathers. Yes falling three points – five points since Mr. Péladeau is PQ leader – to 37% after distribution of the undecided. The NO is therefore 63%.

Taking into account all these statistics and the federal Bloc difficulties, Youri Rivest concludes that “it is the sovereignists institutions that are suffering right now.”

The government’s rating rises
As has been experienced almost without clouds, Couillard government sees its rating go up a little. Dissatisfied fewer: they spend 62% to 55% in June, down seven points. Some 38% of respondents, instead of 35%, expressed satisfaction with the government. Undecided increased from 3 to 7%. “The government has some leeway. If the autumn is warm and reveals that the government has numbers like that, he can feel it even when some support. His electoral base still supports “says Youri Rivest.

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