Poll: Quebec tourists less than the US

ogunquit-maineWith the fall of the Canadian dollar, fewer Quebecers visit the US East Coast this summer, if we are to believe a survey of CAA-Quebec (see the methodology section at the bottom). While the holidays are initiated construction, this straw poll shows that only 7% of holidaymakers in the province are planning to visit this area, a major decline compared to last year.

There are two days, the Canadian dollar fell to 77.40 US cents, a level it had not reached since March 2009, when Canada was in the midst of a recession.

The survey conducted by CAA-Quebec in May suggests that Quebecers will choose to stay mainly in Quebec during their holidays. Last year, they were 11% to consider the US east coast, compared to 7% for 2015. “This is what we are most struck me. This is directly related to the falling dollar. People have decided to stay in Quebec, “said Anne-Sophie Hamel, Communications Advisor for CAA-Quebec. The agency also noted a 20% decrease in the number of routes requests to the east coast compared to last year. The routes allow tourists to plan their trip in detail, knowing by what paths go, where are the tollbooths and high traffic areas.

At Old Orchard, one of the most popular destinations in the sector, we do not care too much of this survey. The Director of the Chamber of Commerce believes that Quebecers will still come in such large numbers this year. “In the worst case, our entrepreneurs think that people will choose the site rather than the hotel, but they will come anyway,” said Kim Verreault.

Tracey Boyle-Dufault, at the head of the Chamber of Commerce of Wildwood, agrees. Although she said they had not yet statistics on the attendance rate of Quebecers in his area this season, it did not seem to see a decrease. “Maybe people will stay less time here. We will see during the construction holidays. But until now, this is not what I hear from the entrepreneurs on the ground. “She also notes that Quebecers no longer come only during the construction holiday. “Here it comes the summer,” says Tracey Boyle-Dufault.

The Commission de la construction du Québec gave the equivalent of 376 million in vacation pay 150,000 workers will resume work on 3 August. Without having exact figures, it is estimated that tens of thousands of other Quebecers take their holidays during this period.

Good weather

According to Network, the period established for the construction holiday is the perfect time, “the hottest of the year in Quebec.” However, the humidity should be at its height, which increases the chance of a thunderstorm. “The good side of this context is that the rain continued over several days is less common,” said Didier Robert Lacroix, meteorologist at The Weather Network. The strong July sun also warms the river, which makes swimming much more enjoyable than in June. Temperatures should be around 25.2 ° C to 26.6 ° C Quebec and in the metropolitan area.

Last year, 17 people died on the roads during the construction holidays. To improve the balance sheet this year, the officers of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) are planning to deploy in force to the road network in the coming weeks.

The border agency of Canada calculates that about 30% of crossings between Canada and the United States take place between 24 June and 1 September. Quebec motorists will have to be patient at customs, which may be substantially occupied by the end of the long vacation. The border agency intends to increase the number of customs officers only at this time.


Although the price of gasoline has jumped 12 cents early in the week in Quebec, CAA-Quebec is not expected that retailers raise their prices at the start of the construction holiday. “It would be surprising that there is an increase. Oil indicators are pointing down. The margin of retailers is quite comfortable. It is higher than it normally is, “said Anne-Sophie Hamel, spokesperson of CAA-Quebec.

Yesterday, this profit margin was around 8.7 cents per liter in Montreal. “Usually it is around 8.1 cents. It would be unjust if there was an increase, “says Hamel.

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