Pork on the table households in need

1162511Households in need can have pork on the table thanks to a so meat offered to Moisson Estrie.

Thursday morning, for the sixth consecutive year, The Estrie pig breeders have made a substantial including the body.

They offered the meat of four pigs, equivalent to 8,000 portions of meat, do we mention. It is estimated that over $ 2,000 value of the gift.

Considering that the year 2015 was marked by the escalation of the grocery bill for Quebec consumers. “Rising food prices has directly affected the less fortunate by reducing their opportunities to consume pork meat,” says a press release.

“For the Estrie pig breeders, it is important to partner with Moisson Estrie to offer the opportunity to the entire population to consume meat. We are aware that the Estrie Harvest meat needs arise throughout the year, “said Jocelyn St-Laurent, President of the Eastern Townships of pig breeders.

It also benefits from March to the meat given to Moisson Estrie, because it is the nutrition month. “Quebec Pork is 30 percent leaner than 25 years ago,” says one.

The meat preparation work was offered graciously by the Boucherie Coutu and Bonsecours brothers, says the press release.

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