Porsche 911: the myth continues

porsche-911-2017(TENERIFE, Spain) The “fundamentalists” who deplore the gentrification of the 911, will judge the nth update ‘their’ icon against nature but could the German firm choice but to reduce the capacity of its engines to ensure the sustainability of this model? No, it is not the worse either.

Porsche has business sense. Seeking to maintain the myth of this model appeared in 1963 … In appearance, the 911 has not changed. And that is precisely why it is popular, to the dismay of die-hard brand. They regret – a long time – bad character and steering difficulties qu’imposaient the first generations of the 911 operating in such a cruel natural selection as between conductors and drivers.

Others have nostalgia for air cooled engines that once propelled the 911 or see a dim view of these successive deployments of the Porsche signature on a sedan (Panamera) or SUV (Cayenne Macan), that they judge against nature. What do they tell when the Stuttgart firm will sell its all-electric sports – Mission-E concept – in four years? We have not finished to hear about it.

Despite the necessary diversification of its range, Porsche remains deeply attached to the 911. The latter strives to evolve without seeming to widen his circle of followers. True, the tempestuous character, sometimes untamed, raw 911 gradually erased in favor of an almost exemplary road holding.

Management does almost clock on bad roads, the suspensions enjoying a longer wheelbase and mass transfer during braking do more at night car balance. Even the legendary “kick in the behind” dear to aficionados of the brand is less brutal than before, but just as firm. And the same comment applies to the new engine that now propels this “fifties”.

Three-liter flat

Displacing three liters, this mechanical configuration takes the flat of his ancestors, but enlisted the services of a pair of turbochargers. The presence of these “tricks” allowed to increase power while reducing – hypothetically – consumption. Why hypothetically? Because the temptation is always great to blithely crush the accelerator and speeds up the fly. The pleasure is intense, but short.

With 365 horsepower, the Carrera is propelled from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.2 seconds and reaches illegal ceiling 295 km / h top speed. S declination – most expensive – did even better, enjoying it is true 50 extra horses that some will use on public roads. A 911 Carrera with or without S has a highly essential accessory: a buzzer can be programmed by the onboard computer to go off as soon as a certain speed is exceeded.

Aside from a little fake stamp this engine, more recent 911 owners will not notice a thing. Well almost. The 911 still projects into the horizon with as much bitterness. The response time is virtually zero and flexibility of this engine at low rpm (below 2500 r / min), especially, is impressive.

At the risk of offending the purists, the dual-clutch automatic transmission remains a better choice (performance and consumption) than the manual to fit the characteristics of the supercharged engine.

The weight

If the benefits of the new engine are feeling, it must still address the issue of its weight. It is heavier (35 kg) and has an impact on weight distribution of the vehicle, in this configuration, is driven by its rear wheels. That said, to erase all this, Porsche retouching here and there the frame. The latter, for example, incorporates an optional four-wheel steering system enhance maneuverability to this self – reducing the turning circle – while improving high speed stability.

On the road, we never tire of corner exits when loose the power and torque to the rear axle. Always exciting! More docile than ever, this coupé (there is also a convertible declination) turns flat, frankly reacts and proves very easy to take in hand, including the city thanks to excellent visibility for a sports car, means .

Unless you turn on a circuit, the 911 will be led by everyone and this is probably where lies its greatest strength. No need to sweat profusely or committing an offense under the Highway Traffic Act to taste the pleasure of driving. Even at a reasonable pace, you do not mind driving this car which, due to its very low position on the road and its strongly strained suspensions, provide vivid sensations. The steering correctly reads the road with great acuity, the driving aids are discrete and braking responds powerfully present when the situation demands. Yes, anyone can drive this 911.

Subtle alterations

Visually, the 911 promised for Spring 2016 is similar to that which currently strikes a pose in the showrooms. Look at it more carefully. The front bumper is completely new and includes active components to better through the air. At night, the light signature is also different thanks to the refinement brought to the design of the headlights. In profile, the bowl of the disappearance is noted doorknob in favor of opening a new slimline. At the rear, we accept the presence of additional air outlets.

Inside, the navigation screen and computer hardware are getting a makeover and that’s good. Friendlier and certainly more modern, this “block” infotainment integrates with a table that has changed little. The front seats offer amazing comfort, but the two appointed seats in the back are only suitable for very young children. The tiny housing provided under the hood serves as a safe, and its two-wheel drive configuration provides a more decent volume on the variations which have four (driving wheels).

The costs of travel and lodging related to this report were paid by Porsche.


Make / Model: Porsche 911
Versions: Carrera, Carrera S
Price Range: $ 102 $ 200 200-132
Visible in concessions: Spring 2016
Warranty: 4 years / 80 000 km
Real consumption: 10.2 L / 100 km
For more information: www.porsche.ca

(Petrol) engines: 3 Liter H6 DOHC turbo
Power: 370 hp at 6500 rev / min
Torque: 332 lb-ft between 1700 and 5000 rev / min
Weight: 1430 kg
Power to weight ratio: 3.86 kg / hp
Mode: propulsion
Serial Transmission: 7-speed manual
Optional Transmission: 7-speed automatic
Steering / turning circle diameter (m): rack / 10.8
Av-arr Brakes: disc / disc
Tires (av-arr): 235 / 40ZR19 – 295 / 35ZR19
Tank capacity / fuel recommended: 64 / super

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