Pot-hen chased in Quebec

(Quebec) There is no hunting for Pokemon in full swing in the streets of Quebec. Hunting of potholes intensifies with the end of construction holidays and the massive campaign paving which will see the number of kilometers of new pavement quadruple compared to previous summers.

Announced in April, the summer operation is to redo the paving over 226.2 kilometers in all the boroughs. Mayor Régis Labeaume was then called the paving campaign of “mass and atomic.”

Of a total of 728 yards, 441, sometimes shorter, affect the repair of pavement. Largely on sections affected by of potholes that form during the spring thaw. repair better and especially to do in the summer will be more sustainable, believes the City.

“These are works that are done in the summer, they will be much more sustainable. One might think that there will be far fewer cracks, much less creation of potholes next spring, “said Sun spokesman Monday of Quebec City, Wendy Whittom.

Interference with traffic

So far, the City estimates that 10% of the 500 paving projects are completed. Most started in July and they will extend until the end of October. “Now that the construction holidays are over, we expect to see several projects to start soon,” continued Mrs. Whittom.

The large number of works, sometimes a day or two, however, make it difficult to distribute the list by folder, for example. Quebec City thus encourages people to visit the ville.quebec.qc.ca/asphaltage to know the affected streets.

Temporary prohibition signs of obstacles to traffic and parking are also installed at least 24 hours before the start of each project.

Gone are the “patching”

April 4, Mayor Labeaume and leaders in engineering from the City proclaimed that “the era of patching” to the nest-holes was completed. It must be said that spring 2016 was particularly devastating with over a thousand of potholes reported and much criticism on the part of motorists.

The 500 additional road projects announced are an investment estimated between 12 and $ 15 million and the City of Quebec has also given dozens of contracts to private firms for this special operation.

The administration already Labeaume affirmed provide redo the floor for another 200 km in 2017, the same in 2018.

This approach is part of a “new philosophy” according to the City. “The resurfacing will become a regular and ongoing service and not due to an exceptional manner,” explained Régis Labeaume. One way, he said, to “settle the problem long term and medium term.”

Cote De Salaberry closed
The paving work will cause the closure of De Salaberry coast for two days and barriers to a portion of Pierre-Bertrand Boulevard, this time for the whole week.

Quebec City informs that on Tuesday and Wednesday, motorists will have to take Sherbrooke Street, the coast of the Aqueduct and boulevard Charest as bypass northbound lanes. Southbound, the route will be diverted by Mary of the Incarnation, the coast of Pente-Douce, Belvédère Avenue and Chemin Sainte-Foy.

As for Pierre-Bertrand Boulevard, paving work force closed from Tuesday until Friday, August 19 from the portion between Chabot and Nolin streets. This time, however, the traffic will be maintained on one lane in each direction.

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