Power Rangers: A version of Alpha 5 very different from the original

power-rangers-power-rangers-le-film-filmA concept art of Alpha 5 in the films The Power Rangers was unveiled: what differences with the original?
There are a bunch of characters who have become cult creatures for Power Rangers fans. For apart from the justiciers, many have scored fans like Rita Repulsa embodied in the film by Elizabeth Banks. But another guy does his job: Alpha 5, the assistant robot of the Rangers. And in the movie The Power Rangers, whose origins of costumes and new photos were unveiled, the latter had the right to a particular design revealed by recent concepts. An aesthetic that goes in the direction of the path borrowed by this future cinematographic adaptation. Because in the film The Power Rangers, everything is linked to a mysterious extra-terrestrial comet …

We discover a surprising Alpha 5, with a design coming from another planet. It’s simple: the robot looks like an alien! A choice that seems totally assumed by the production that offers intergalactic origins to the Power Rangers. For the heroes have had the right to several adaptations on TV with a bunch of different explanations on how the why of the costumes. It remains to be seen if in Power Rangers, whose first glimpse of the Megazord version 2017 could have been unveiled, Alpha 5 will play its role comic character well. Because it is none other than Bill Hader who doubles the robot. An actor already accustomed to the American comedies that try. Just like Elizabeth Banks (Rita Repulsa)! What do you think of this art concept?

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