PQ: Stephane Bedard resigns and retains its premium

stephane-bedard-pierre-karl-peladeau(Quebec) Ejected from the post of parliamentary leader by Pierre Karl Péladeau, the PQ veteran division of Chicoutimi, Stéphane Bédard, announced his resignation this morning. He chose to keep his starting bonus, La Presse has learned.

Mr. Bédard made a statement to all members in the House.

“I announce that I am leaving my Chicoutimi MP role,” he said.

Mr. Bédard spoke of the sacrifices demanded of his family, because of his political involvement.

“I will not deny that the last four years have been grueling, exhausting,” he has said.

In terms of parliamentary balance sheets, Mr. Bédard stressed its work in developing the Code of Ethics of Deputies, adopted in 2009 with the last parliamentary reform.

Arriving for a little more than a year in politics, and less than six months after being elected leader of the PQ, the PQ leader Pierre Karl Péladeau said the help he received from Mr. Bédard.

Mr. Péladeau spoke of the “deep emotion that shook the caucus” when Mr. Bédard announced his departure to his colleagues.

A source who requested anonymity said the departure of Mr. Bédard raised both discontent and sadness within the PQ caucus.

PQ deputies were covetous comments Thursday at the release of their caucus, where Mr. Bédard was not seen.

The deputy House leader, Agnès Maltais, said she let Mr. Bédard speak before commenting.

“He gave 17 years to the people so I’ll give him a day,” she said, leaving the caucus.

The head caquiste François Legault said the PQ loses “a chunk”. His departure means that according to him the sovereignty option is in decline.

“If Mr. Bédard thought that sovereignty happen relatively short term after the 2018 election, I think it would have remained beyond the position we told him, he said. He wanted to participate in this great project. ”

Difficult demotion

Mr. Bédard was part of the inner circle of Pauline Marois. He had held the PQ Leader position after his resignation until Pierre Karl Peladeau arrives in office on 17 May.

He had returned to his usual position of parliamentary leader, but this fall, it was set aside by the chief, who had preferred Bernard Drainville. He never accepted the demotion, PQ sources confirm, although he retained to reporters.

He returns practiced law in his region. Rumors that the mayor of Saguenay, Jean Tremblay, is available to make him fight the next elections quite worried him, whispers it.

Under Ms. Marois, Mr. Bedard had occupied the strategic function of President of the Treasury Board. During the debate on the Quebec City arena, which had nearly caused an irreparable fracture PQ caucus, Mr. Bédard worked hard for his party endorse the agreement between Quebec and Quebecor.

His first position in cabinet had been under Bernard Landry, who had appointed him Secretary of State to renew the public service in 2002. He was first elected in 1998 with Lucien Bouchard.

He is the son of Marc André Bédard, former justice minister under René Lévesque. The family is an important institution in the Saguenay region.

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