Prayers and messages of hope for small Marylie

-reunies-mercrediA few dozen people have agreed to meet on Wednesday night near the ditch where the small Marylie fell, to pray and to send a message of encouragement for the child of two years fighting for his life since Friday.

Parents and friends of the family Labarre-Demers have added a handful of Drummondville who have closely followed the case of the girl from the unfortunate incident on a vacant lot in the rue Sigouin, Drummondville. People present installed a mosaic near the spot where the girl fell to end up head first in the water. It also filed stuffed animals, drawings and collages representative.

Noting that the health status of the young victim remained precarious, nearly a week after the tragedy, the family launched the invitation to contemplation on social networks. The voice knotted by emotions, the grandfather was reading a thought addressed to her granddaughter, urging him to gather his strength and continue his fight to return to it.

The father of the girl, Steven Labarre, also came to thank people for coming visibly moved by the spirit of solidarity. The mother, Julie Demers, was conspicuously absent, having remained at the bedside of Marylie.

Latest news on the health status

On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, the doctors of the CHUS have made a change of respiratory tube in order to improve the chances of survival Marylie, an operation considered at risk seen his health. The toddler has responded well to the operation and his condition seems to be improving.

Recall that the small Marylie Labarre was saved in extremis from drowning by her Aunt Patricia, late Friday afternoon. She was playing with a kite in the company of friends and cousin when she beat for a few minutes ago, the surveillance of his parents. Noticing his absence, the family started looking for her and it is with horror that was discovered lying in a ditch filled with water.

After being revived, she was taken to Holy Cross Hospital, where it was however found that his lungs were severely affected. His health has justified its transport to Sherbrooke.

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